Mobile Invoicing: Benefits Uses and Apps

Mobile invoicing is an imperative aspect of running a business. Now that you have completed your work efficiently, it is time to get the payment. This is where mobile invoicing comes into the picture. It is an easy and effective way to bill your clients using your mobile devices only. 

Incase of electronic invoice, the clients get an online payment request on their email ids. Using this request, they can pay you quickly. The need remains only for the client to enter his or her card details. However, with a mobile invoicing app on your device, it becomes easy for you to send and manage your invoices with just a few clicks only. 

The simplest way to make the clients and business owners happy is by using mobile invoicing. For any business to run smoothly, hundreds and thousands of billing apps are present in the market. These apps enable easy and convenient management of accounts for both the clients and the business owners.

The app helps to make payments in a much secure way that can be trusted for sure. With few taps here and there making bill payments, improving the buyer and the sellers’ connections and reducing cost is now very easy. One can follow the recent projects; send invoices to the customers or buyers with a touch of a button. The best part of mobile invoicing is it helps to reduce the time being wasted in lengthy accounting processes. 

Benefits Of Mobile Invoicing

  • Making and receiving payments becomes more relaxed with mobile invoicing. 
  • Mobile invoicing helps to make the invoices much accurate with the mobile invoicing apps.
  • The process of invoicing is free from errors with the invoicing app. Moreover, the process is quick and accurate, that helps to save time that can be utilized in doing other things.
  • Moreover, it helps to expand your business to a great extent as the online apps help to focus on the business in a much better way.
  • With a single click, all the essential and useful information can be managed. That is to say that from the starting to the completion of the work, everything is done in a systemized way. 

Uses Of Mobile Invoicing 

  • Generally, invoicing either has minimal fees or no installation fees. That makes it convenient for small businesses to use the app in a hassle-free way on any android phone. 
  • One-touch app: with a touch one can send, receive, and calculate bills for anyone and anywhere.
  • The invoice also helps to pay the bills online itself. This not only saves time but helps one to work quickly and much more professionally.
  • The mobile invoice apps help to secure the payments as the transactions and payments are made online. This is a much safe way to make payments.
  • Moreover, using debit and a master card is both safe and secure. However, managing the payments and uploading it on the system is convenient. 

Some More Effective Uses Of The Billing App

  • Sending reminders about bill payments to the clients can be done with one touch. This not only helps to stay up to date but also work accurately.
  • With the use of invoicing apps, the businesses can build a strong relationship with their clients.
  • Using invoice apps helps to manage the funds and keep track of it. Furthermore, that is to say, one knows who deposited the cash, when, and on which date. Hence the mobile app helps to keep records of the cash flows in properly.
  • Managing the customers’ details becomes quite convenient with the mobile invoice app. That is to say, their bills, transactions, cash flow, and purchases can be monitored with one touch. 

Checking App For Android And ioS Phones 

Mobile invoicing makes the invoicing experience smooth, hassle, and burden-free. One can manage the time and money in a much better way with the use of invoice apps. This environment-friendly app has brought the invoicing on to the palms. However, with one-touch one can make the accounts in a burden-free way. Moreover, one can work on the app that is installing the app without paying any fees, as many apps offer free usage. Just download the app and use it in the best possible way. Different apps, however, helps to create professional invoices that are used by large organizations. A step-by-step information is given in the app that makes it understandable by a layman too.

Different Mobile Apps And Their Uses In Mobile Invoicing

Billing apps help to make the job of accounting easy and understandable by all. Moreover, with invoicing software, the maintaining account becomes much more simple and convenient. The invoice software not only helps to save time but a lot of money that not all business owners can bare.

Some Popular Billing Apps for Android and I Phones

  • Quick Books is a popular accounting app that helps to maintain and make invoicing quite simple for different types of small business entrepreneurs. It is, however, one of the best accounting apps for small businesses. However, it not only makes the invoicing process easier but helps to manage it smoothly. Even freelancers can use this app for sending bills to buyers and updating the accounts of different clients with a click of a button. The cost, however, is just 8 pounds per month for both freelancers and contractors. It also helps to calculate VAT conveniently.
  • Fresh books app helps to keep a track on the expenses of small businesses. Moreover, everything that a business requires from the app, is available with fresh books. The clients need to pay 19 pounds per month for this app, and it is perfect for android phones as well as iPhones. 
  • Wave software is another important and useful app for mobile invoicing and accounting. Moreover, the best thing about this app is that one will have to pay for the services one uses. That is to say, the app charges for payrolls and payments. It also offers other supports that are setting reminders for bill payments, editing text in a vertical column, and more.
  • Zoho billing app is perfect for any kind of small business. It offers an accessible interface that is convenient to operate. The bill has all the details that the buyer and the seller will require that is the transaction details. The transaction details include the quantity purchased, price paid, type of product, and the date of purchase. This app helps to make invoices for 50 clients, and it charges a minimum amount of 8 pounds per month from the owner. Hence, using the Zoho app is quite feasible by small business owners.  

Mobile Invoicing Apps: Reduce Your Accounting Costs 

Mobile invoicing helps to reduce the cost of accounting, expenses of hiring a CA, and people for maintaining accounts for both small business as well as a big one. Free apps provide facilities for only 50 invoices, but paid apps help to prepare numerous invoices and more. However, with the billing apps, one can manage inventory, generate reports month, and date wise with feasibility. Know the profits, information about the stocks, the products sold and left, and everything related to business accounting. 

Anyone who has a basic knowledge of accounting can use the mobile invoicing app to prepare invoices for any kind of business. This easy to use app needs to be downloaded, then one needs to get the business registered. The app will ask for the following details, which the business owner will have to fill in.

  • customers name
  • transaction details
  • items one sells, item code, selling price
  •  tax details inclusive or exclusive of tax
  • Purchase price
  • Stock details (minimum quantity)

Then one needs to save all the details for making invoices, debit and credit notes and balance sheets, and profit-loss statements. 

Why Should You Switch To Mobile Invoicing?

  • Mobile invoices are really convenient as compared to other invoicing platforms. 
  • Small business customers who do not have all-time access to their computers can make use of mobile invoicing apps for the purpose. The reason being that they may not be in front of their laptops or computers all the time, but they use their mobiles for the maximum period of time.
  • You can send an invoice for the work completed from anywhere and everywhere.
  • Mobile invoicing apps help you save your time as compared to other platforms.

One can print the reports and even save it in the form of excel data. Hence, one can say the mobile accounting app is perfect for maintaining accounts simply and efficiently.


Invoicing is an imperative aspect of any kind of business. In fact, no business can run smoothly without using appropriate invoicing frameworks or platforms. Well, mobile invoicing has surely made a niche for itself in the invoicing world owing to its immense benefits and affordability. So, what are you waiting for? Install an effective mobile invoicing app on your phone and get ready to move together with the dynamic technological world. 

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