Mobile Apps Every Driver Must Have

Whether you seek the opportunity to utilize your smartphone in a new way or you want to check out new things that can aid your driving, there are a good number of apps out there that will do just what you want. You will be promoting road safety while making the best of your smartphone. Actually, there are certain mobile apps that can help you get the most out of your travelling through prompts that help you avoid text messages or phone calls to finding parking spots. Some will even help you find the nearest or cheapest gas stations out there. Here are some of the best we found.

This app helps you read your text messages anytime they come in. By using this innovative app, you can actually listen to incoming text messages, Twitter updates, Facebook messages, emails and Google text messages. The most promising feature of is that the app eliminates the urge to grab your phone or need to press any button in order to listen to stuff. The app does everything itself and leaves the user’s hands and eyes completely free for driving.


This is a mobile app which helps to prevent collision with connected vehicles. It is one of the world’s first apps to battle and helps prevent accidents between pedestrians, bicyclists, motorcyclists and vehicles. It triggers brakes in any vehicle that has it installed just before the collision occurs.

It is the international P2V standard for the automotive industry. The inventors of this app work with car manufacturers, telecom companies and government officials; with the singular objective of improving road safety for all. Considering the rate of road accidents these days in the US and literally everywhere else in the world, there is a need to take a second look at apps like !important. The objective of this innovation is simple: to save one million lives over the next decade.

To achieve its lofty goals, this app creates a virtual protection zone around each individual through their mobile devices. To be more specific, this app communicates the users’ location coordinates to all nearby certified automated vehicles. The app’s data augments the vehicle sensor input to ensure that the pedestrian is recognized and tracked to prevent any collision.

In the words of Bastian Beauchamp, the CEO of !important:

“When I heard about Elaine Herzberg accident on March 18, 2018, in Tempe, Arizona, I felt terrible. I thought about the victim’s family and imagined how my family would feel if one of us was hit by a computer-controlled car. Then, I realized that the problem created by technology could also be solved by technology. This inspired us to build our app. We hope that !important will be a public service, a standard for the automotive industry, meant to save lives and foster increased acceptance of autonomous vehicles.”

To increase safety on the roads is to address a serious problem: the most unnecessary and frequent loss of life that occurs in the modern world. As the number of self-driving cars on our roads rapidly increases, so do the odds of accidents involving pedestrians.

Together, in collaboration with visionaries from the AV industry, auto companies, safety organizations, and nonprofits, !important hopes to achieve a future where fear is no longer present on the roads.

To check out this app, head over to !important is part of the Spark Ann Arbor and UC Berkeley Skydeck, two start-up accelerators based in Michigan and California respectively.


This is an app that is useful in monitoring the position of a vehicle on the road. It is an award-winning augmented reality driving safety application that utilizes your phone camera to constantly monitor the vehicle’s position on the road. The app keeps track of surrounding vehicles and alerts drivers of lane departures and possible hazards. The app features some useful options such as collision warning, speed limit and driving analytics with audio and visual cues.


This app is a fuel-economy coach. It is a cool app that works through a cell tower or Wi-Fi. Designed to analyze driving efficiency and records fuel usage habit, it can also tell how much you have spent on the trip. Generally speaking, the app can display speed of the car, route direction and distance. It also measures mile per gallon as well as carbon dioxide gas emissions. TripAlyzer also pronounces, vocally, your current fuel efficiency.


What you just read are some of the best apps for automobiles drivers. But then, even though a plethora of other related apps are not mentioned here, automobile owners and pedestrians can now pretty much commute to wherever they want with minimal probabilities of road accidents. Of course, it is not just enough to get an app installed in your mobile device or vehicle; it is also critical to obey all traffic rules. Enjoy your driving!

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