We are in 2022 and cloud technology is everywhere.  Every company out there are using cloud architectures and seeking out cloud solutions for enhanced security and faster operations and more redundancy.


Whenever we hear that a company is migrating to the cloud and relying on cloud backups, we often wonder what is cloud migration?

Think of it like your computer, you keep all your files on your computer, but let’s say you had to sell your computer or you had to move somewhere else where you could not take your computer.

Or rather you do not see the point of having a computer but then again you need to access the files of your computer.

You would therefore need a software that can make those files from your computer in your home accessible to you around the world, therefore your home’s computer will be working as a server for your files.

Similarly, companies and big enterprises used to have every file stored in big data centres that they owned and operated, the operation costs being quite high.  

These data centres used to be quite close to their main areas of operation.

However, with the advent of faster internet and with exponential growth in the IT industry a lot of technology had to be exported which meant they could not build data centres around the world, as that would cost a lot and be impractical.

This is exactly where data centre and data storage companies came into being, companies like AWS (Amazon Web Services), Google and IBM came up with IT architectures and millions of gigabytes of data storage facilities.

They allowed smaller companies and other enterprise companies to migrate their data including mobile app data to their servers.

But cloud storage companies and cloud computing service provider companies are different.


Let us use the same example of your home PC. 

Imagine now you not only have to remotely access the computer files; you now have to make use of your computer’s graphics capabilities.

This is exactly what cloud computing companies do, although many of them do provide storage solutions but most of them actually provide computing power and processors and graphics capabilities for hire.

These allow companies to hire capabilities and IT skills and processing power in order to do many computing and processing tasks such as rendering, exporting and many other complex tasks. 

Now you might be wondering they are must be cloud migration advantages and disadvantages or even what cloud migration strategies are?

To be fair, there are risks and benefits to climate migration.

However, these are not risks but rather challenges that come with migrating to the cloud and there are solutions to these problems. 

Cloud migration and bringing everything to the cloud is the future and every company has to do it sometime or another.



Cloud compatibility is one of the most important issues that comes to mind when we think about migrating any app to the cloud.

In order to understand this, we must understand that any app managed as well as stored in any company database may be using a different type of code in order to run.

However, the place where they are getting migrated may be using a totally different cloud environment, making the app’s data and code incompatible.

This is the question and brings the issue of having to convert the existing app and making it compatible so that it can run on this new cloud environment.

However, we must add that no matter how difficult the migration process is you should definitely migrate your app due to a lot of important reasons and one of them being the security risks associated with having the app in-house.


Whenever there is a migration, a proper migration strategy must be always applied.

You might be wondering why does this require strategy?

You must understand that the app that is being migrated is currently in use and in order for migration to happen the app must be totally or partially stopped on the company’s database and must be shifted to the cloud company’s database.

This means the migration of all data and all functions and everything there is to the app.

That requires a proper migration strategy because migration is done for the benefit of the company and the clients and if that migration results in company losses, then that is not a good strategy.

That is why migration usually takes place outside of business hours or when the traffic is very few.

The companies might need to shut down a few features or stop updating a few services or stop something partially in order to migrate everything.

This is easier said than done when enterprise-level companies migrate their whole databases to a cloud company then the cloud company itself provides solutions that make the migration possible.


Data security is an important issue that needs to be talked about whenever any app is being migrated to the cloud.

In order to understand this, we must understand it in terms of any physical store.

A physical store or a warehouse is the most vulnerable when it needs to shift its stock from one location to another.

That is the moment when everything is open and robbery and theft can take place.

Similarly, when migration is taking place all the systems are open and all the servers are running so that all the chunks of data are moving from one place to another.

While the server side of the cloud company might be secure but your data systems might be outdated.

This means that there is a chance that potential hackers might try to packet packets of data in the process of migration.

In fact, this is quite common and has happened in the past no matter how confidential the migration process of any large company is.

This can become dangerous if the data that is being transferred contains important confidential details about the clients including their payment information and their address and other things.

 This is exactly where a proper IT solutions company can help you.

This was the blog about migrating your app data to a cloud company.  We hope we have discussed the challenges of migrating any mobile app to the cloud.

However, as you have read, there are quite a few challenges during any app migration and that is exactly where we come in.

No matter how big your data storage is or how big the enterprise company is.

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META – App migration is a mandatory step for every company today but they are certain challenges that come with migrating your mobile app to the cloud. Let us discuss these challenges and find out the solution.