Mobile App Branding techniques to make your app insanely popular

Take a walk down the street, and you will notice that everyone is busy or appear to be working. Glued to their mobile screens. Some are watching videos; others are busy taking that perfect shot to post on their Instagram.

In short, you’ll find random people doing random stuff on their mobile phones without even bothering about their surroundings. Sadly, that’s rude – the way our generation is growing. Instead of talking to each other, they are busy worrying about their ghostly images on social media. They are working with mobile apps that are serving them.

As a digital marketer, this question steals my night’s sleep. What are the factors that make a mobile app accessible? Or how to brand your mobile app that can make people glued to your mobile app?

Luckily, with a bit of luck, I’ve learned it the hard way. And I am glad to share my experience with you. No! I am not forcing anything to you. I am just sharing my tips so that you can take some from it.


User-Centric Design

Before you even dive into branding your mobile app, it is necessary that you work on the positive design factors that make your app user-friendly.

You need to highlight those factors that make your app different and easy-to-use. Whether it is the interface of your app, the usability or the overall shopping experience, you must tell the visitors why your mobile app is simple and how customers can place an order without filling out long-forms or endless shopping cart steps.

The mobile app design is the first thing that people will notice when they land on your app, so you must be prepared to create a seamless experience for them.

In a world where attention is the only authentic currency, you need to steal it so that you can gain some moments from your user.


Evoke a sense of belonging

Seth Godin beautifully said in his book, Tribes, “An individual artist needs only a thousand true fans in her tribe. It’s enough.” You need a thousand people who feel that they belong to a tribe.

Remember this when you are creating a marketing campaign for your mobile app. Which element in your app gives a feeling of belonging? Highlight that element on all the marketing platforms.

The fastest way to make them feel comfortable is to resolve their problems in an instant. When you take the problems of your customers and solve them, they will think that your app is a place where they can act freely and resolve their issues without feeling sorry or worried.  


Stay Consistent

Do you think Edison would’ve invented the light bulb if he stopped trying?

What about Colonel Sanders, whose recipe didn’t receive the appreciation that he thought?

What is the one thing that makes them successful? Consistency! Yes. That’s what makes them so powerful. Even when the world thought that these ideas are doing nothing. The founders stood like a wall and fought for their ideas.

You must do the same. Whatever you do, wherever you post, you must stay true to your business values. Use all social media channels to promote your app and tell how the app will solve the problem of your user.

If you can stay consistent with the branding, it will be easy for people to build a positive image of your brand along with its services.



When you are developing a mobile app, the best approach is to brand the app by building a relationship with the consumer. Analyze as much data as you can and select the necessary information according to the preferences of the users. This is why analytics was invented. There are many ways in which you can personalize the app and make it relevant to your brand.

Study the methods in which you can personalize most simply. Check a professional mobile app development agency and see what they are doing to customize their app as per the user.


Make Sharing Easy

I have seen this with most apps. They develop the most beautiful app, an app worth sharing but they don’t give an option to share the app. This is where they fail to brand the mobile app.

If the mobile app is worth sharing, people will rush to share buy cheap instagram views the app, but with no sharing app, they will be confused or in the worst-case scenario, they will leave without sharing the app with anyone else.

Ensure that you give maximum options to share. You share an app when you feel thrilled with an app. So, when you make the user excited, you must give the next step so that they can easily share the app with their friends.

Awareness through guest posting and SEO

Most mobile app marketers generate backlinks and distribute high-quality content that increases SEO rankings and brand awareness. Build white hat links from reputable sites to your site in your content strategy using free guest blogging.

In the End

It is all about staying true with brand values. Whatever method you choose to brand the app, the method must align with the values that you hold for the brand. If you move away from the brand values, it will be difficult for the user to keep the costs and share the app.


Zubair is a digital enthusiast who loves to write on various trends, including Tech, Software Development, AI, and Personal Development.