Mixed Martial Arts is the Ultimate Health Benefit

Through its short time spent on mainstream television, the world mixed martial arts has been under scrutiny for its violent nature but is rarely praised for the health benefits that come along with training in MMA.Read on for some critical factors as to why mixed martial arts could change your life.

It’s easy to be distracted while watching our favourite fighters like Daniel Cormier and Stipe Miocic will throw down in the octagon on UFC 252, but let’s take these two athletes for example; each fighter weighing over 225lbs can compete across five, five-minute rounds. An extraordinary cardiovascular system is required to move this high-weight around at such a high-pace.

Drill exercises in mixed martial arts provide a fun way to keep the heart rate raised for any age, size or gender – improving our cardiovascular that is proven to reduce stress long-term. One of the most significant stress-related problems takes place in the cardiovascular system and is also one of the main issues in heart attack patients. Less stress leads to a happy mind, and why not remove some pounds while you’re at it.

Reduced Stress is a significant health benefit when training in martial arts; the release of endorphins during intense workout sessions is critical in fighting our body’s stress-related illnesses.  Our mental health is just as important as the physical; martial arts gives multiple outputs for stress relief, including breathing techniques, regular drills, core strength training amongst many others. Art forms, such as tai chi, put a significant focus on controlled breathing and meditation – which were strongly linked with reduced feelings of stress as well as managing stress in young to middle-aged adults.

Self-confidence comes hand in hand with mental health, as the happier you become, the more confidence you will obtain. Sometimes we often doubt ourselves in what we’re capable of and become intimidated of the successes of others, which is where the self-confidence in martial arts can help you overcome these issues.

Our brains cognition research also shows dramatic effects from martial arts training, especially on the growing mind of children. AST (attention state training) are mental attributes that can only be obtained through an intense focus-based exercise like MMA, yoga or meditation. A US study proved that children aged eight to 11 years old were set with martial arts training that focused on respect and defending themselves in part of an anti-bullying program, while also teaching the youngsters how to maintain self-control. The research found the reduced training levels of aggressive behaviour. The anti-aggressive outcome doesn’t stop with children; verbal aggression and hostility have proven to lower in students of mixed martial arts. The effect of reduced stress and self-control in martial arts has been vital to all ages, and scientists are finding new links between emotional wellbeing and physical health – martial arts has already proven to help with a person’s emotional state.

Tackling obesity can often be a daunting task for some, but with the enjoyment of mixed martial arts you’re able to shed the pounds while having fun – it also helps that you’re learning how to kick-butt at the same time. The centre for Disease Control shown reports that one in five schoolchildren suffer from obesity, your child is one karate lesson away from becoming healthy, learning discipline and how to defend themselves. Children, in particular, need to be taught the importance of a healthy lifestyle at an early age. Physical fitness is necessary for all martial artists, and the sooner it’s bred into our life, the more comfortable and more enjoyable it’ll become later on in life.

There are a wide variety of martial arts, so it shouldn’t be hard to find the right style that suits you. Boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai, karate & taekwondo focus on striking based techniques – whereas wrestling, jiu-jitsu and judo are grappling styles. But, whichever method you decide to practise, you will find the mental, physical and long-term benefits will stick with you for life. If you want to cover all grounds when searching for exercise with the most benefits, there’s nowhere else worth checking out than your local mixed martial arts gymnasium.