Mistakes You Should Avoid While Carrying Perfume

Best Perfume Online ShopA good perfume can make you feel good on a dull day. The pleasant aroma of the perfume helps in relaxing your senses; comforting you with its upbeat scent and making you feel sensuous when you want that striking touch. When you choose the scent carefully, it can enhance your style, becoming a special part of your personality. This is the reason why a lot of people prefer to carry their perfumes with them either in the handbag, in their cars or leave it on their office desk. It can help them to freshen up whenever they feel like. Just take out the perfume, spray it all around your body and put it back in the bag.

This habit might be saving your time but it is not good for your perfume. Perfumes are very gentle and they can get damaged if not kept properly especially while carrying them around. So, here are some simple mistakes that you should avoid while carrying perfumes:

Keeping It In The Sun: Perfumes are very delicate things. You have to be very careful while using them but when you carry the scents around in your handbag or in the car or even your office desk, there are times when it is exposed to the sunlight. Especially in the handbag or car when you are outside or in parking, the perfume bottle has to face extreme heat which can kill the fragrance molecules affecting the longevity of the scent and the sillage.

Exposing It To Air & Light: When you use a perfume anywhere and everywhere you wish, it is exposed to air and light This can damage the perfume molecules affecting longevity and scent of the perfume in the long term. Perfume is supposed to be kept in dark away from flowing air. It can start oxidising if it is kept in contact with air for too long and too frequently.

Not Keeping It Upright: When you keep a perfume in the handbag or in the car, it is not possible to keep it in an upright position. A perfume can start leaking or get exposed to air changing its colour if it is not kept properly. Fragrance bottle should be kept in an upright position to avoid leakage.

Exposing It To Different Ambience: While carrying a perfume around, you go from hot to cold and dry to humid and such varied ambiences throughout the day. Exposing the fragrance bottle to such a varied range of ambience can have a negative impact on the aroma. To ensure that a fragrance stays the same, as it was when you first opened the bottle until the last drop, you should avoid exposing it to a varied range of ambiences and temperatures.

The best way to keep a perfume is by keeping it away from the direct sunlight, any heat source or light. Keep it somewhere dark, cool and dry place so that the fragrance essence inside the bottle can deliver mind-blowing scent until the last drop. In case it is essential for you to carry a fragrance around, make sure to do it properly.

Get A Miniature Scent:

This is one thing, which can help in maintaining the life of your perfume for a long time. Instead of carrying the full-size bottle of fragrance around with you, get a miniature version. Brands like Chris Adams, Scent Shot and various others are offering small travel-friendly perfumes in India. Scent Shot is offering 7 international perfumes in an assortment box with a carry case. This carry case helps in keeping the perfume away from direct sunlight, heat and air. Simply use the perfume, replace the cap and keep it back in the bag. You can buy these from the best perfume online shop.

Never Leave Perfume In The Car:

This is another thing, which can help in saving your perfume. When parked under the sun or outside, the car can get really hot. Any perfume or deodorant kept inside, exposed to this extreme heat is susceptible to leakage, and molecule damage. If you have perfume in the car, make sure to park the car under shade or take the perfume with you in the bag.

Carrying a perfume around is not bad but the way you carry it can have a major impact on its performance. Therefore, try to keep it properly if you are getting a full-size perfume with you or go for the miniature travel-friendly one so that it is not damaged and you can finish it soon. You can purchase a wide range of international perfumes with good quality in travel-friendly sizes from online perfume shops. Just by making simple changes to your habit of carrying a perfume around, you will be amazed to see its impact on the aroma and longevity of the perfume.

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