Mistakes To Avoid When Learning Foreign Languages

When people tell you why they don’t learn foreign languages the reasons can be different. Some say they have no skills to learn languages, others complain that courses or tutors are too expensive, and popular excuses include lack of time, motivation, and other reasons to postpone learning. In fact, you know that this evidence does not stand up to criticism.

If language difficulties still happen, because we know that learning a new language can take a lot of months and even years, then you are most likely repeating the same mistakes as other people do. And here’s what they are:

  1. You don’t know why you need it. And why did you, in fact, start learning the language? If you have a certain goal like getting a job, reading your favorite books of classics of foreign literature in the original, moving abroad, taking part in an international project, etc., then you will have a smaller chance to give up on what you do. If your reason for learning new languages is something like “Why not?”, it will not usually last long. The purpose of studying should be specific and better with a deadline.
  2. You are not trying to speak your target language and that is a big mistake. You may think that it’s impossible to speak when you know just a few phrases, that other people will laugh at you, etc. Fear blocks us. Of course, you need some time to learn at least a set of basic words and the simplest grammar rules. But do not postpone their use. Eventually, you will feel like a child when you want to say, but can’t yet. However, if you still dare, you will not be stopped in a very short time.
  3. Too long breaks. Learning any language is a long and difficult process, and if you take breaks, it becomes more difficult. Try to devote at least 15-20 minutes to learning every day. Just repeat the previous material, learn a dozen new words, read a short article or watch a series of your favorite show in the original language. If you don’t do long breaks, you will see good results sooner.
  4. Boring learning system. Nowadays, language learning is more popular than ever and the internet is filled with all the needed information and tools on this topic. If you can’t find the textbook that will work for you, find the websites that are dedicated to a particular language, use language learning websites, etc. Complaining about the lack of material nowadays is inappropriate.
  5. Not following the system of training. No matter how rebellious and lazy you feel inside, system and order are needed if you really want to gain knowledge. Studying foreign languages is no exception. The idea is that you don’t have to do everything in a row or start from the end. Take the test to find out what your level is, and then gradually start learning by picking up the necessary textbooks, websites, and other materials. Gradually, slowly, but also without delay. Thankfully, there are so many language learning apps currently available on Google Play and App Store, and the e-learning market only expects to grow surpassing $275 billion value by 2022, according to ComboApp educational marketing agency.

If you try to avoid the above-mentioned mistakes in studying foreign languages, you will not only save your time but also make learning fun and interesting with fast progress.