Mistakes to Avoid for Using the Best Designed Fitted Bed Sheets

No one wants to struggle or toss and turn with poorly managed bedding. A bed made wrong will either give you nightmares or insomnia. If you’re going to sleep after a hectic day or if you want to wake up feeling energized, you will require a restful and peaceful sleep in either case which is impossible if you have to play tug-of-war with the bed. In order to avoid these unpleasant and annoying experiences, follow the below-mentioned instructions on how you should make your bed.

1-  Placing the Fitted Sheet inaccurately

No one knows exactly why the best designed fitted bed sheet does not stay in one place and why it keeps popping off on its own. These inconveniences can easily disrupt sleep. But the main reason why it usually happens is that you are putting it by following the wrong method. A tag is seen inside the pockets seams at the reverse side of the sheet. If you do not want any slips, place the pocket having the tag at the bottom left corner.

Another mistake is that the depth of the sheet pocket does not match with the mattress. This is not the manufacturer’s mistake because all items arrive in different sizes. The mistake is that we usually do not check to see if the mattress and pockets belong to each other. It is obvious that the mismatching sizes will result in continuous slips so next time, avoid the mistake.

2-  Sleeping with only a duvet

Everyone knows the components which go into a bed: a duvet and a fitted sheet. Most people wake up from their sleep because they either feel hot or cold. To avoid this, try the layering method in which you add a top sheet between you and the duvet. But do remember to tuck the sheet inside to prevent slipping. The addition of the sheet means that you can throw away the duvet and still not feel cold. But just as a safe option, place an extra blanket on the bed.

3-  Purchasing poor quality bed-sheets

The comfort of sleep depends on the quality of your bedsheets. There are some guidelines that should be followed in order to know which sheet possesses high quality. Firstly, focus on the cotton type instead of the thread count to improve your judgment. Safe choices include Supima, Pima, and long-staple

Egyptian. Secondly, opt for 100% pure cotton bedsheets as the genuine material lets your skin breathe and does not stain easily. The pure cotton also gets softer as the years pass. If you want pillow-soft stuff, buy the sheets having a sateen finish. If your sheets are not soaking up the sweating which is produced during sleep, then choose a sheet having a mix of Lyocell and cotton. Lyocell is an exceptional fiber that absorbs moisture and it is also eco-friendly. Lastly, never let your sheets be in use for a long time because dirty sheets are unhygienic and it disturbs your sleep cycle. Change the dirty sheets with new ones after evi7 days.

4-  Being neglectful to the pillows collection

Having a pile of pillows is something every other room has in common because it looks attractive and adds comfort. However, a mistake people make is that they ignore the pillows and hardly ever wash it. Not washing the pillows makes it a home for oil, dirt, and germs which gives rise to skin problems (especially acne). Moreover, allergens can also be trapped inside the pillows which easily trigger asthma and sneezes. It is advised to wash the pillowcases every week.

Additionally, place dust mite covers on the pillows for protection which you should wash after every three weeks. The pillows themselves should be washed every two months.

5-  Making your bed as soon as you wake up

Scientists have cleared the misconception that we should make the bed right after we wake up. It has been revealed that the dust mites die after they do not receive light and air for two hours. So two hours is the optimum time to wait before making the bed. For people who have an allergic reaction to dust mites, it is super beneficial. When the mites will not get a moist atmosphere needed for hydration, they will automatically die.

6-  Ironing the bed-sheets

While not many people do this, the sheets are usually ironed to remove the creases. These creases are formed when one is reckless in putting them on. To solve the problem, take out the fresh and clean sheets when they come from the dryer and put them on immediately. This method will prevent all wrinkles and creases.

However, creases these days have become a trend in the bedding world so you do not have to worry much about wrinkles. People willingly form creases by twisting and turning the wet sheets after they are washed.

7-  Share the covers

When it is freezing outside in the cold weather, people are bound to fight at getting the bigger part of the covers. However, it is advised to purchase individual sheet sets which are made for two people so that they do not have to play the tug-of-war with each other at the property of covers.

These guidelines are bound to make your bedding experience run smooth and enjoyable. Moreover, you will like sleeping better on a transformed bed. The room is changed positively in time, effort and money are invested in the bedding items so be mindful of not ignoring your bed.