Mississippi’s Divorce Law Reform: A New Chapter


The Mississippi Senate recently introduced a bill that proposes to add an “irrevocably broken” marriage as grounds for divorce, a significant step towards updating the state’s antiquated divorce laws. Judiciary A Chairman Brice Wiggins, with input from a task force comprising judges, lawyers, and experts, authored Senate Bill 2643. The bill aims to address the detrimental impact of Mississippi’s restrictive divorce laws on families, especially children, when marriages reach an irreparable state. As the legislative process unfolds, Mississippi Divorce Attorneys can play an essential role in supporting the reform and guiding families through the complexities of divorce proceedings.

The Need for Divorce Law Modernization:

Mississippi and South Dakota currently remain the only two states without a unilateral no-fault divorce ground, a system that most of the world has adopted. The state’s existing divorce ground, “irreconcilable differences,” necessitates mutual consent of both spouses, making divorce in Mississippi challenging and costly. This often leads to prolonged divorces, trapping spouses and children in unfavorable family situations, and exacerbating domestic abuse issues. Divorce Attorneys, understand the need for reform to protect the well-being of families and advocate for the best interests of their clients during divorce proceedings.

Overcoming Antiquated Grounds for Divorce:

Presently, Mississippi requires individuals seeking divorce to file on one of 12 grounds, including adultery, habitual cruelty, imprisonment, and mental illness. These grounds, many of which date back over a century, no longer align with contemporary societal norms. The current system places an undue burden on the divorcing parties, forcing them to prove fault, thereby prolonging the process. Jackson Mississippi Divorce Attorneys, with their expertise in divorce law, can navigate these outdated grounds and provide counsel on the best course of action for clients seeking dissolution of their marriages.

Challenges in Divorce Law Reform:

Efforts to reform divorce laws in Mississippi have faced opposition from some lawmakers and religious lobbying groups. Despite this resistance, there have been endeavors to simplify marriage laws, including the introduction of a “quickie marriage” law in 2012, which eased the marriage process by removing the 3-day waiting period and other restrictions. The proposed “irrevocably broken” ground represents a compromise that acknowledges political realities while aiming to address the inadequacies of the current system. Attorneys who specialize in divorce cases can contribute to this process by advocating for comprehensive reform and helping lawmakers understand the pressing need for modernization. The increasing trend of Divorced Elderly Adults in Jackson and other cities sheds light on the complexities of modern relationships and underscores the importance of having experienced attorneys to support them through the legal process.


The introduction of Senate Bill 2643 represents a significant step towards modernizing Mississippi’s divorce laws. As the bill progresses through the House and debates continue, the role of attorneys becomes increasingly crucial in supporting this reform. Jackson Mississippi Divorce Attorneys and can play a vital part in guiding families through the divorce process and advocating for laws that protect the well-being of spouses and children involved. By promoting fair and streamlined divorce proceedings, attorneys can help families transition into new chapters of their lives with greater ease and efficiency.