Mission: Sumo Clean empowers individuals to live a fulfilling life by providing practical tips and advice on home organisation, lifestyle, and personal development.

 Vision: To become a go-to resource for individuals seeking to improve their homes, lifestyles, and personal growth and to help them achieve a clean, organised, and happy life. We aim to inspire and motivate people to take charge of their lives and pursue their dreams with confidence and purpose. 

Potential Target Markets

  1. Women and men aged 25–50: Women in this age group are likely to be interested in personal development, self-care, and home organisation. They may be juggling multiple responsibilities, such as work, family, and social life, and may be looking for ways to optimise their time and maintain balance in their lives.
  2. Pet owners: Including pet care as a sub-niche may attract pet owners who are looking for tips on how to keep their homes clean and organised while taking care of their furry companions.
  3. Homeowners: Home organisation is a significant part of Neatly Wise, and as such, homeowners who want to declutter, optimise space, and maintain a clean and organised home could be a potential target market.


  1. Lifestyle
  • Health and wellness: This subcategory focuses on physical and mental health, including topics like exercise, nutrition, sleep, stress management, mindfulness, and self-care practises.
  • Mental health and self-care: This subcategory delves deeper into mental and emotional health, including topics like meditation, therapy, journaling, self-reflection, and self-love practises.
  1. Home
  • Cleaning and organisation: This subcategory provides tips and hacks for keeping your home clean and organised, including decluttering, storage solutions, cleaning routines, cleaning products, and home maintenance.
  • Pet care: This subcategory covers topics related to pet ownership, such as pet health and wellness, behaviour training, grooming, and pet-friendly home design.
  1. Personal development
  • Goal-setting and productivity: This subcategory focuses on achieving personal and professional goals, including tips for goal-setting, time management, productivity hacks, and organisation strategies.
  • Finance: This subcategory covers topics related to personal finance, including budgeting, saving, investing, debt management, and financial planning.
  • Mindfulness: This subcategory explores topics related to mindfulness, such as meditation, breathing exercises, visualisation, and self-reflection.
  • Finding joy and purpose: This subcategory delves into the pursuit of happiness and fulfilment, including topics like gratitude, positivity, purpose, and passion.
  • Relationships: This subcategory covers topics related to building and maintaining healthy relationships, including communication skills, conflict resolution, boundaries, and self-awareness.