Missing-Nin Adding Back What Was Missing from Contemporary Hip-hop Sound

Hip-hop is indeed the top-most streamed and best-selling genre in contemporary music. The music that started in the streets of Brooklyn and Compton had now evolved and taken over the entire planet. With how big it has become in modern times, several well-esteemed artists like Tory Lanez, Dr. Dre, Eminem, J. Cole, and Pusha-T criticize the repetitiveness and monotony in hip-hop sound and subject matter. Though many artists emerge from the underground every day, trying to touch the genre uniquely and distinctly, the LA-based upcoming rapper Missing-Nin, stands out in his efforts to add something fresh and original to the collective sound of the genre.

Missing-Nin comes from Nigerian roots and has shown a keen interest and passion towards hip-hop since a very young age. In an interview, he told the audience: “My earliest music memory is of me playing the snare for my preschool band before I got into DJing, rapping, and then production … For most of my career since then, I have mostly focused on the production side of things, working with various artists, but since the start of the year, I decided to revert my focus back to myself as an artist.” He is highly appreciated for his composition skills and style of music production, and rightfully so – he has created his sound by working hard in the studio over the years, creating 900 attractive beats, several singles, a full-fledged album, and a pleasant-sounding EP.

One of his most streamed singles, “Tell Me,” is a perfect example of his artistic abilities and creativity. The ghastly feel, the sharp emotive melodic cuts in between the spaces between the bars, the nostalgic feel of the piano, and the unsettling tension in his voice create a soundscape that takes you into his world and connects you with the emotions he’s trying to communicate. Similarly, his track “Moody” effortlessly captures the listener’s attention with its bouncy beat and the way the lyrics flow smoothly over the kicks and snares as if they are glued to the rhythm – something that you seldom find in a lot of today’s hip-hop music.

You can visit https://www.instagram.com/missing.nin/, https://vm.tiktok.com/ZM83Qey4e/ to listen to connect with him and see what he has to offer to your playlist. Like the titular character of “Naruto,” who never gives up and promises to follow “his own ninja way,” Missing-Nin believes that hip-hop is a form of self-expression and he makes sure that his music expresses him uniquely and distinctively – making him stand out from the rest of the crowd.


Sarah Jay is an Australian content writer from Melbourne. Her amazing writing skills give a boost in her career and now she is a senior content manager. Also in her free time, she likes to design a logo for websites and businesses.