How to Properly Apply Mirror Shine to Your Vehicle

Owning a car is the best thing because it will help you move easily from one point to the other. But, your car needs some regular services and cleaning so that it can remain efficient. Additionally, when servicing you need to take it to professionals. This way you will have an excellent service and your car will remain as though it’s new for a longer time.

Moreover, when a car is in the best condition, its value will also remain high. Thus, in case you will need to resell, it will have a good value. Applying a mirror shine is one of the ways to maintain the value of your car. Below is a step by step guide on how to apply a mirror shine to your vehicle.

Step by step guide on how to apply mirror shine to your vehicle

Mirror shine is made in a way that you will easily apply it. Additionally, with proper steps on how to apply the mirror shine will make it stay for long. But, if the sealant is washed off or won’t stay for long as required hence, application steps weren’t followed. To prevent this you need to follow the steps below.

1. Clean the car surface

The first step is to clean and decontaminate your car’s surface. You should remove every dirt. Sometimes the dirt isn’t visible with our naked eyes thus you need to use proper cleaning ways. Remember mirror shine is more helpful when it is applied in a car’s clear coat. This will be impossible if dirt & grime will be at the top of the car clear coat.

Additionally, for proper and effective cleaning you can always use decontaminate or polish when cleaning. When removing deep contaminants, claying your vehicle is more recommended. This is achieved when you use a clay block and a clay lubricant. A clay-block is faster and easier than an old clay bar. Furthermore, it can be utilized for about 100 times.

2. Shake mirror shine

After you are done by cleaning your vehicle, shake the bottle containing the mirror shine product. This will ensure that the product is evenly and well mixed.

3. Double-check the surface of the car

Additionally, you are supposed to be sure that the car’s surface is clean and dry. This will ensure that the mirror shine will be effective.

4. Spray the mirror shine

After you ensure that your car’s surface is well dried, you are supposed to spray your best mirror shine. Remember to spray the average amount of the mirror shine.

5. Spread with a clean microfiber 

After spraying the mirror shine on the car’s surface, you can spread it using a clean microfiber cloth. Furthermore, you will also be required to use a second clean microfiber cloth. This will help you buff into the vehicle surface until you get the desired polish.

6. Apply one section at a moment

You can always apply the second coating. This will allow you to have increased shine & protection. With a continued re-application as required, you’ll have a surface that remains coated. Additionally, the surface will not need to be cleaned or waxed again. Moreover, after you have applied in every part of the car, you can leave it for some time to cool & dry.

Aftercare guidelines

Mirror shine isn’t supposed to wash off fast after you have applied it. Additionally, it shouldn’t wash off after a car wash or rainstorm.

If the mirror shine will wash off fast, then you can always make use of de-contaminant or polish. This will help in cleaning and removing surface de-contaminants before putting on mirror shine.

De-contaminating the vehicle’s surface before applying the mirror shine will ensure durability & length of mirror shine coat. Additionally, the bonds between the mirror shine and the car’s surface will improve durability strength to 80%.


The steps above will help you apply a mirror shine properly in your vehicle. Additionally, mirror shine is available in different brands and torque mirror shine is among them. Mirror shine will stay for about months and it is easily applied.

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