Miqat Locations to wear Ihram for Hajj and Umrah

Miqat is the location where pilgrims take Ihram to perform Hajj and Umrah. Here I have listed all that five different places. Take this article “Miqat Locations to wear Ihram for Hajj and Umrah” to know the correct answer. Make sure to read the whole description to facilitate yourself with the right interpretation.

Performing a pilgrimage is one of the greatest blessings from Allah (SWT). To perform either the Hajj or Umrah after booking your Umrah packages, a person must enter the state of Ihram. One who attained a state of Ihram is known as ‘Muhrim’. Without being a Muhrim, one is not permitted to perform the rituals of pilgrimage. One who intends ritual must do it, otherwise, your pilgrimage will not valid before Allah (SWT). However, after entering the state you will have to follow all the particular rules.

Ihram wearing Locations

Following is the list of five Miqats, while passing through any of the places you can put on your Ihram dress.

Miqat Dhul Hulifa

Masjid Dhul Hulifa has located 9 km from Medina and approximately 450 km from Mecca. For those who live in Medina, it serves as their Miqat location from Medina.

Everyone from Medina who is performing pilgrimage should wear Ihram at this place. Although, it’s not required to attire a white dress through entering Masjid Dhul Hulifa. It is also acceptable to put it outside the Mosque.  

Dhat Irq Miqat

Dhat Irq Miqat is located 94 kilometres northeast of Makkah. It is the Ihram-wearing place for Iran and Iraq people and anyone travelling in that direction. Also, on the way from Kufa to Makkah, it is the Ihram destination used for Hajj and Umrah.  

Miqat Yalamlam

Approximately 94 kilometres from Makkah’s southeast corner lies in a mountainous area. It’s a point for Oman people and travellers on a similar path. This Miqat is also for pilgrims coming from nations like South Africa, Nigeria, etc.

Juhfat Miqat

It is about 183 km separate from Mecca’s north-western area. Furthermore, it originates for pilgrims travelling to perform Hajj and Umrah from Syria, Egypt, and other African countries.

The city is about 9 km separate from Ghadir Khumm, which is close to the Red Sea. At this location, people who travel from Jeddah to Mecca take Ihram.

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Qarn al-Manazil Miqat

It is a place in a region with mountains and 40 km away from Taif city. The distance between this place and Mecca is 94 km. For pilgrims travelling from Riyadh, Australia, and Pakistan, this location serves as their Miqat.   

Can I enter into Ihram before Miqat?

It’s important to note that both Hajj and Umrah pilgrims are subject to the Miqat ruling. When departing, one may wear the Ihram at the airport. If you are travelling with an Islamic airline, you will have access to a prayer room while on a flight. One thing, you can’t put on the dress for your pilgrimage at Jeddah airport. You must be present at one of the Miqat sites as mentioned above to perform the pilgrimage. The airport in Jeddah can’t serve as a specific place for Ihram.


In conclusion, go to the Miqat which is nearest to you. After completing the pilgrimage, you can take off to Ihram. Men shave their hair heads, while women trim their hair to the size of the fingertip before removing Ihram.

When you have done your Umrah package from any good and ATOL Protected company, you can go for your holy journey. While departing, it will give you a chance to wear Ihram. In addition, Miqat is a particular place to attire it. However, you should be aware of the rules for your pilgrimage.