Minnesota Flat Fee MLS Services


In the dynamic landscape of real estate, homeowners are constantly exploring innovative ways to optimize their property selling experience. One such approach gaining popularity is the utilization of Flat Fee MLS (Multiple Listing Service) services. Minnesota, known for its picturesque landscapes and vibrant cities, offers a variety of flat fee MLS options that empower sellers to list their properties on the MLS without the traditional agent’s commission. This guide aims to provide a detailed overview of flat fee MLS services in Minnesota, offering valuable insights into how these services work, their benefits, and what to consider when choosing one.

Understanding Flat Fee MLS Services

Flat fee MLS services are an alternative to the conventional method of selling real estate through a full-service real estate agent. With a flat fee MLS service, homeowners pay a predetermined fee to have their property listed on the local MLS, a database used by real estate professionals to list properties available for sale. Unlike the traditional model, where sellers pay a percentage-based commission to real estate agents, flat fee MLS services allow homeowners to retain more of their profits.

Types of Flat Fee MLS Services in Minnesota

Basic Listing Services: This fundamental package covers the essential listing aspects. Your property information, photos, and key details are uploaded to the MLS. Additional services such as professional photography and marketing materials may be available for an extra cost.

Enhanced Listing Services: Some providers offer enhanced packages that extend beyond the basics. These might include virtual tours, comprehensive marketing strategies, and expanded exposure on real estate websites.

Full-Service Hybrid: In this model, homeowners receive more comprehensive support, including negotiations, paperwork assistance, and expert guidance throughout the selling process.

Customized Ala Carte Services: Flat Fee MLS Minnesota providers often allow homeowners to select specific services they need, tailoring their experience to suit their preferences. Whether it’s just the MLS listing or individual services like photography and marketing, this flexible option caters to diverse needs.

Benefits of Flat Fee MLS Services

Cost Savings: One of the primary benefits of flat fee MLS services is cost savings. By avoiding the traditional agent commission, sellers can retain a larger portion of their property’s sale price.

MLS Exposure: Listing on the MLS increases a property’s visibility to a wide network of real estate professionals and potential buyers, increasing the likelihood of a quicker sale.

Control: Flat fee MLS services give homeowners more control over their selling process. They can manage showings, negotiations, and other aspects according to their preferences.

Flexibility: With different types of services available, homeowners can choose the level of support they need, customizing their experience to align with their goals.

Considerations When Choosing a Flat Fee MLS Service

Service Offerings: Assess the specific services each provider offers. Determine if they align with your requirements and whether any additional costs are involved.

Reputation: Research the reputation of the flat fee MLS provider. Look for reviews and testimonials from other sellers to gauge their satisfaction with the service.

Local Expertise: Opt for a provider familiar with the Minnesota real estate market. Local knowledge can be crucial for effective marketing and pricing strategies.

Support: Evaluate the level of support the provider offers. Whether it’s assistance with paperwork, marketing, or negotiations, ensure you’ll receive the help you need.

Price Structure: Understand the pricing structure clearly. Some providers might have hidden fees, so transparency is essential.

Flat fee mls Companies in Minnesota

UnReal Estate Company

UnReal Estate (formally USRealty) is a nationwide Flat Fee MLS company. However, in 17 states they offer real estate brokerage services through their network of brokers. Listing with UnReal Estate seems affordable with their $0 Starter package. With this package, you only pay if you sell. Additionally, you pay 2.5-3% buyer agent commission at closing. However, they charge 0.5% of this commission as their fee.  UnReal Estate offers only basic services through their packages. Any additional feature, such as their Concierge Package, will come with an extra charge. 

UnReal Estate is a legitimate company that offers nationwide services. Formerly known as USRealty, they operate under three names: Unreal Estate LLC, Unreal Estate Inc., and Unreal Estate Brokerage LLC. Currently, the company holds licenses in 33 states + Washington, DC. However, UnReal Estate offers brokerage services in the remaining 17 states. They do not directly list your property on the MLS in these states. Instead, they connect you with a broker at the state level.


Another well-known flat fee MLS platform that caters to the Minnesota market is Houzeo. It has become well-known for its extensive platform, which gives sellers access to a number of services for a Flat Fee cost. The availability of numerous technologies, including automated paperwork, virtual tours, and listing syndication, as well as the transparency of pricing are valued by sellers. However, a few customers have complained about sporadic delays in customer care responses, highlighting the significance of dependable customer service in a cutthroat industry.

Houzeo gives home sellers access to tools that only real estate agents use. This allows you to manage your home-selling journey yourself. And you need not pay the 3% listing agent commission. You can check Houzeo reviews for more information.


HousePad stands as a pioneering force in the real estate arena, dedicated to leveraging technology to elevate the buying and selling experience. With a commitment to innovation, HousePad empowers sellers to take control of their listings through its user-friendly platform, enabling them to manage property details, photos, and even negotiations. By integrating cutting-edge tools such as virtual tours and advanced marketing strategies, HousePad provides sellers with the means to effectively showcase their properties to a global audience. As a technological trailblazer, HousePad not only modernizes property transactions but also fosters a new era of efficiency and empowerment within the real estate domain.


Flat fee MLS services in Minnesota offer a refreshing approach to selling real estate, providing homeowners with flexibility, cost savings, and increased control over the selling process. With a range of service types available, sellers can tailor their experience to match their needs and preferences. As the real estate landscape continues to evolve, exploring the diverse options of flat fee MLS services can empower Minnesota homeowners to make informed decisions while maximizing their property’s market exposure and sale potential.