Mind Mapping Makes Retention Easier

Mind mapping is the technique wherein any information is converted into a visual representation. The trick is that when you remember the visual representation, you will recollect the information as well that you initially wanted to remember. The visual representation can be in the form of a painting, a memory, a picture, an abbreviation, etc.

Mind map examples include: while studying when we make abbreviations or a flow chart. Some people even design pictures for some historical events when, they have a hard time retaining the dates of the events. It can be useful to remember the routes as well.

How does mind mapping make retention easier?

1. In the form of a picture-

One of the classic mind map examples is when we are studying and we come across a very informative paragraph. To remember it, we take the information and divide its essence in the form of a picture. This picture can be a table or a flowchart. We usually remember the flow chart. When you are writing the paper, you will retain both the image as well as the information associated with it. We have been practicing mind mapping for a long time.

2. In the form of abbreviations-

This technique is used mostly by medical students. When medical students have many names to remember, they remember a root word. This root word is similar for all the names. When they remember the root word, which is always an abbreviation, they remember all the names as well. This mind map example works in a way that each alphabet of a root word is a symbol or initials for a name.

3. In the form of memories-

If you have to retain something and you associate it with a memory, you will always remember the information by calling forth the memory. This is used especially when you want to remember what item is stored, in which compartment of the house and especially for the keys that, nobody can ever remember where they have kept. When you will remember the memory of storing XYZ object at ABC place, the list of all the other objects will follow as well, because your brain has made a link between the memory and the information.

4. In the form of stories-

While studying history, it always benefits you if you remember it like a story. That way you don’t have to remember any facts. Once you convert any information in the form of a story, like a plot one after the other you will remember all the other instances and in this case, the information.


To conclude mind mapping is one of the smartest ways to boost retention.