Mind, Body, and Soul: How Physical Well-being Can Affect Your Whole Life

Many of us don’t realize the importance of maintaining our physical well-being, which perhaps accounts for the prevalence of inactivity in America.

Eating well, exercising mindfully, and taking the time to physically unwind are all important elements of strong mental health. If you don’t pay attention to your physical health, you may find that you never quite feel at your best physically or emotionally.

How does this mind-body connection work? In what ways can you incorporate physical wellness into your daily or weekly routine?

Read on to find out more about how improving your physical well-being will positively impact your overall health.

Exercise and Overall Health

Have you ever heard of the so-called runner’s high? This term refers to the feeling of euphoria experienced by long-distance runners, and there’s some merit to this connection between exercise and good feelings.

Increasing our heart rate and getting our blood flowing for 25-45 minutes a day is a great way to boost our moods. When we get the body moving, neurotransmitters like endorphins are released at a healthy rate. Endorphins help to relieve stress, pain, and other mind-body ailments that can drag us down throughout the day.

Well-Rounded Diet and Overall Health

When we eat a diet that is high in saturated fats, carbs, and sugar, we’re going to experience the spike and crash cycle several times a day. In other words, we may feel a quick spike in energy right after consuming these unhealthy foods only to lose that energy (and then some) quickly thereafter. Experiencing a crash in energy in the middle of the day can trigger negative emotions like anxiety and irritability.

Eating foods that are high in fiber, vitamins, and minerals can help us maintain a steady flow of energy throughout the day. Plus, whole, clean foods like vegetables, fruits, and whole grains are good for our gut. Believe it or not, gut health connects to our mental health. A happy gut full of good bacteria is going to make a happier mind.

Relaxation and Overall Health

Take a moment to focus your attention on your shoulders and back. Consciously tell yourself to relax those muscles. How much tension were you carrying back there?

Many of us carry our stress in our muscles and joints, walking around with our fists and jaw clenched and our muscles strained and tense. When our muscles are tense, our brain actually receives a signal that something is causing us stress, putting us into a fight or flight mode and increasing our anxiety.

Relaxation is an important part of physical well-being, and we don’t mind laying on the couch watching TV. Practices like yoga and meditation can help, as can the kinds of treatments you’ll unlock by visiting https://www.bodyretreatspa.com/ and booking an appointment.

Be Mindful About Your Physical Well-Being

Sometimes, we get so caught up in our mental health that we forget to keep an eye on our physical well-being. Unfortunately, the two are connected, and without monitoring both, you won’t find much relief for either.

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