Mind-Blowing: Things in This World That You Might Want to Know

People never run out of things to learn, and it’s their curiosity that drives them to learn something new and gain wisdom. The more an individual is curious, the more that person will discover and explore new stuff. With the things that you currently know, there is still more to identify and tackle. Your current knowledge can be compared to an iceberg because there are even more facts undiscovered. And the beautiful part of life is that there is no limit when you are trying to gain more wisdom.

If people want to know more about this world that we are living in, they need to do their assignment and research about the things that they are curious about. These are the exciting, mind-blowing, entertaining, and mysterious facts about everything. You can also check out more wtf facts so that you’ll know exciting things. So here are some of the mind-blowing things in this world that you might want to know.

Ferrets Die After One Year Without Sex

Females ferrets are sexually mature around the age of 4 to 6 months. When they are in heat, they stay in that stage until they are breeding. However, prolonging their increase in estrogen can cause aplastic anemia, and that leads to death. It is not like the females need to be pregnant; they need to be in the mating act. The physical mating act can induce ovulation in the females that will bring out their estrus.

After that, they will have false pregnancy that can go until full term, which is about 40-45 days, but it’s without having kits. They have a unique reproductive system, and that covers induced ovulation. Once male and female ferret mate, they separate after. Females will go to the process of pregnancy and will give birth to kits and raise them on their own.

The Meat of Humans is Protein Rich

Although this is true, cannibalism is not allowed in the world that we are living in. There are also instances in the history that people consume human meat because it’s a religious or symbolic gesture. In a study, it says that our body has around 125 thousand calories. That’s quite a lot, but that can’t compare to some of the food sources that our ancestors consumed a long time ago.

According to the calculation of James Cole, one group of 25 current humans can survive for a minimum of 60 days on a mammoth’s remains, which has above 3 million calories. On the contrary, the same group can survive for only a day feeding on human flesh.

Dogs Thinks That Squeaking Toys Sound is Similar To Their Prey

Dogs are famous for having fixations with squeaky toys. Even though dogs are now part of the human families, they still have their natural animal instincts, which is the reason why they love squeaky toys. Those squeaky toys have the same sound with small prey that are screaming for their lives. Dogs are also playful animals; that’s why they are reactive to sound they hear.

Because of their sharp senses, like their smell and hearing, they quickly react to things around them. That’s is why squeaky toys are one of their favorite sounds, to begin with. Even if they are trained and lives with people, their instincts are still intact. Now that is among the WTF facts that you could not have known in your life.


Knowing all of those things, you might feel some urge to know more exciting facts. Gaining knowledge is also an entertaining habit to pursue. You can also search for more if you want to blow your mind.


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