MIM Powder Metallurgy Application in Medical Device Industry 2023

1. Medical minimally invasive surgical instruments

Why do medical minimally invasive surgical instruments need MIM? Because they must meet the following requirements:

a, Tools must be rigid and capable of shearing, cutting, clamping.

b, Tools can be heated by electric current and vibrated by ultrasonic waves.

c, Tools must be able to pass through holes only 5MM in diameter

d, Tool materials need to be harmless to the human body (some consumables need to be put in the body)

e, Having complex features to provide essential functionality

f, Disposal immediately after use to avoid infection. So it requires a large quantity demand.

2. Traditional medical machinery

The operation space is thin and narrow, so medical tools must be made of high-strength steel so as to be used under various conditions, including the repeated effects of shearing, cutting, frustration and so on. Meanwhile, it must avoid the tool rupture remaining in the human body. MIM can meet these requirements.

3. Artificial joints and implants

Accidents often result in hand and foot injuries and bone fragmentation. With the help of different artificial joints and implants, the hand and foot can be reconstructed. MIM technology can meet the physical needs.

4. Dental medical instruments

For dental medical field, there are many kinds of tools such as files, drills and so on. These tools can use MIM to design complex features to play their medical role.

Dental orthodontic instruments are exposed auxiliary devices. These small devices with different sizes, such as orthodontics, must stay in the mouth for a period of time. They may be exposed, so must pay attention to their aesthetics. These products are personalized products and can be produced by MIM or CIM to reduce costs, so that the general public can afford.

The complex characteristics of dental microinstruments can only be achieved by injection moulding.

Some tiny dental orthodontic accessories are smaller than 5mm. We can use MIM feed zoom pen to enlarge the details 1.2-1.3 times.

5. Micro-machinery for external use

Many mim medical devices are industrial products of miniaturized designs. These miniaturized devices need high strength and durable metal components, which are the strengths of MIM.

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