Milwaukee Circular Saw Review – Buying Guide

Milwaukee Circular Saw is certainly amongst the champions of circular saws! Let us closely examine its advantages and weaknesses in order to evaluate its worth.

What are the advantages of Milwaukee 6394-21?

Made with a carefully designed Tilt-Lok primary handle, the Milwaukee 6394-21 is constructed to provide the user with extreme comfort, while at the same time making sure the cuts are always accurate and precise. The handles are economically cushioned and the primary handle position can be easily adjusted to best fit your grip.

One of the most amazing features of best circular saw is its ability to stop the blades within seconds, using the power-assisted brakes. This feature not only enhances repetitive cutting but improves the overall safety of the saw. It also makes the ON/OFF status switching almost automatic!

Weighing only 10.4 pounds, the 15 amp powered Milwaukee 6394-21 is able to produce outstanding power of an amazing 3.0 horsepower (5800RPM)! It is almost hard to grasp how something so light can produce such power. This is the reason why it holds the title of the best weight-to-power ratio circular saw in its class! However, power without precision means nothing. That’s why 6394-21 pays special attention to accuracy and comfort. The more comfort the saw offers, the more accurate cuts we can make. This, combined with the incredible power, is what makes Milwaukee circular saws really stand out.

Thanks to the QUIK-LOK cord system and the positive lock feature (an integrated button on the saw), the Milwaukee 6394 makes cord swapping a child’s play. QUIK-LOK system also enables the user to swiftly replace the cords on the Jobsite, thereby reducing the downtime period to a minimum.

Milwaukee 6394-21 is currently on sale and available for purchase on Amazon. The saw is also equipped with an aircraft aluminum shoe which is carefully designed with the intention of preventing any kind of bending. Depending on your requirements, you can easily adjust both depth and bevel of the cut. The bevels can be adjusted up to 50 degrees, providing you with a clear line of sight and a strong sense of control.

What are some of the downsides of Milwaukee 6394-21?

Just like every other product, this saw has its minor drawbacks. Some people that purchased Milwaukee 6394-21 reported that the blades that come included with the package are not quite as good as they could be.

This, however, is not related to the quality and performance of the tool itself, as blades can easily be changed and replaced for new ones. Moreover, left-handed individuals may not find the saw too comfortable because it blows the sawdust in their way. If this bothers you, you should probably choose another model.

Final Words:

If we take all the advantages and put them on one side of the scale, and put the disadvantages on the other side, it is pretty clear that this Milwaukee saw is definitely worth your money. To clear your doubts even more Milwaukee products like Milwaukee leaf blowers, it comes with a 5-year rock-solid warranty.