Million Dollars a Month? The shocking trajectory of Motiv Mktg and owner Michael Supina’s success, helping their clients reach over $1,000,000 per month.

A million dollars a month… what most brands hope for when they get started. But unfortunately, most just don’t make it there. But one Digital Marketing Agency caught our attention, that continues to reach big milestones for their clients. To no surprise, one of those milestones is… well you guessed it, reaching a million dollars a month. 

Michael’s journey to build a marketing agency capable of changing their clients lives did not happen overnight. He wasn’t given any special hand outs or even knew someone in the industry. He built the company by himself from a vision and dream to disrupt an industry he saw was just not right. 

Most agencies nowadays just aren’t bringing in the results for their clients. They talk a big game, lock you into a long term contract then tell you it’ll take 6 months to get results… If you hear that, run! 

Motiv Mktg has an extreme focus on RESULTS, as most agencies should. But what separates them is the transparency they have with their clients. In order to reach big goals,  you have to be willing to be completely transparent, honest, and work with your clients as if they are your business partners. 

Michael says, “We truly feel like we are partners in business with our clients, we are such an integral part in helping them create a business and life for themselves, their families and the people that work for them. We make sure we establish an honest and transparent relationship with our clients to do whatever it takes to reach their goals.” 

But what makes them capable of reaching Million Dollar Months? 

A Diverse Marketing Team

Motiv Mktg has a full team for all paid advertising channels. Michael started out doing Facebook advertising but soon realized the potential in all other channels. 

Their team focuses on Facebook, Instagram, Google, Bing, YouTube, and now TikTok with the rise of users recently. 

By being able to tackle multiple channels we can find which brings the highest ROI and capture new clients we wouldn’t have been able to on the others. 


Not only has Michael been focused on Facebook marketing for the past 5 years but he surrounds himself and hires people better than he is. 

Everyone who joins Motiv Mktg is extremely experienced in marketing, and he makes sure they are smarter than him. If you are the smartest person in the company as the CEO you aren’t doing it correctly. 

The right clients

Motiv Mktg may be a great marketing agency but they can’t just help anyone.  Clients who are determined to reach big goals, and ready to put in the work it takes to help reach those goals are one of the most important parts of reaching a million a month. 

“We understand that we have a huge responsibility in turning money into more money, but when our clients are willing to do everything it takes to do that too, well then that’s a recipe for a million dollar month.”

So if you are reading this thinking… “I’d love to reach a million dollars a month” just know that the more motivated and hardworking you are, the faster Michael and his team at Motiv Mktg can help to get there. 


Nishi Singh is a professional journalist and editor in New Delhi. She has studied Mass Communication from National Institute of Mass Communication.