Millennium depression and how treatment can help

Millennium depression and how treatment can help

Millennials seem to be more depressed than any other generation. While this statement is difficult to gauge because of the inaccuracy in diagnosing and reporting depression, it is certainly true that Millennials have worked hard to break the stigma of the disease.

However, many millennials still feel powerless to seek treatment for symptoms of depression. With the increasing economic and social concerns looming in their daily lives, the demand for treatment and effective drugs increases.

Employment concerns

Many millennials face anxiety about their short and long-term career prospects. A lack of profitable employment and/or financial security often leads to depression fires. Here are some ways that a therapist can help you feel better about your career prospects and take steps to improve them:

  1. Talk to a therapist about what you feel prevents you from achieving your professional dreams. If it is a mental obstacle, you and your therapist can solve these problems.
  2. If your professional problems are more circumstantial, you and your therapist can put forward effective tactical ideas to improve conditions that limit your progress.
  3. Maybe you have a good job, but stress or boredom bothers you. Your therapist can help you devise strategies to improve your performance or increase your motivation

Social shock

Anyone between the ages of 23 and 38 in 2019 falls into the millennial generation. Many people in this age group have recently graduated from college, business school or any other educational or professional program and are starting to notice major changes in their social lives.

Once you leave the college environment and transfer yourself, spending time with friends is no longer important in your daily life. Work begins on your social schedule, friends enter into long-term relationships (perhaps with children in the equation), and time seems to pass a little more quickly. Think of some ways the wizard can help you tackle these difficult changes:

  • The therapist can help you cope with the fact that you don’t see many of your friends and help you devise ways to replace this lost social time with fun individual activities.
  • The therapist can offer a slightly different version of life tips and the emotional support you’re used to getting from your friends
  • If you are interested in meeting new people on the job but don’t know how to deal with starting friendships with busy and anxious people alike, then your therapist can provide you with some good strategies to achieve this.

The distance from the family

Millennials often suffer from the loss of the love system and the support of their families for them from birth. Sure, many are still in close contact with parents and siblings, but daily face-to-face interactions from their younger years tend to fade into something less frequent and less personal. Nostalgia often arises in young people who live alone, or when young people start building their own families.

A therapist cannot fill the role of your mother or father, but it helps you treat nostalgia and your depressive feelings in many ways:

  • You can share your family’s favorite memories with your therapist and discuss the ways in which your family’s existence has enriched your life
  • Discussing strategies for staying in touch with your family and receiving their emotional support when possible is a great way to manage your depression
  • As discussed above, a therapist can help you cope with life outside your family unit and find family-like support elsewhere.

No reason at all

There is no right or wrong reason for two millennia to feel depressed and sometimes there is no reason at all. Shame on depression symptoms should not prevent you from seeking treatment. Working with a perfectly matched a therapist can help unleash your potential and live the life you wanted to live!a

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