Middle School: A Choice for Your Children

If you are considering a change of schools in Maryland, you should consider middle school. Here are some of the top benefits to choosing a middle school: Your child is more likely to graduate from high school with a grade point average of at least 2.5. That’s better than most states. Your child is more likely to end up with a full college scholarship. Middle schools in Maryland are among the best in the nation.

You may think that your child won’t need a higher score because he or she already has all of the basics covered in elementary school. However, research shows that students who begin at the same grade level (grades 7 and higher) often perform worse on standardized tests than their less gifted peers. (pings don’t account for all of the differences; poverty, family background, home location, and other factors also contribute to differences.) Research also indicates that the best middle schools in Maryland also have high standards for achievement-based academic goals, and those standards are consistently higher than the national average.

Students who attend middle school on par with students in the state’s public school system (in terms of per-pupil spending) also tend to do better on standardized tests. This is the case across the board, not just in Maryland. One study found that students in private and public schools in Michigan performed equally well in math and science, but those in the best middle schools in the state were reading and scoring higher than their public school peers.  (Other studies confirmed that the pattern held across various ethnic and economic demographics, too. Math and science scores, in particular, were among the highest in the nation.)

A good middle school in Maryland should also allow students to participate in a wide range of extracurricular activities, foster an open community in which all students feel welcome and comfortable, and provide opportunities for students to develop the skills and character necessary for college and beyond. Middle schools should strive to be as student-friendly as possible. In a recent study of middle school students in three different states, Maryland was found to have a low student-to-teacher ratio in terms of minutes of classroom time, even though the state has one of the highest ratios of any state. An increasing number of schools are adopting “one-to-one” teaching techniques that make communication between teacher and student easy and enjoyable. For example, some middle schools are eliminating the “zero-sum” game, requiring students to win or lose by zeroing in on a letter or number on a quiz. If you seek some of the best middle schools in Marylandthen consult Macbeth Academy for more information and options.

Parents may be concerned about their child being pushed into the primary or secondary grades as soon as they begin attending elementary schools in the state. But while many parents feel that their kids will get lost in the shuffle of new students, research shows that elementary students get lost. In elementary school, youngsters can concentrate on learning and improving their knowledge rather than struggling in the maze of secondary school classes. Moreover, many children find it helpful to remain in the background while attending classes in elementary school. This allows them to gain the social skills that they will need as adults.

Charter schools are becoming a popular choice for many parents concerned about their children’s future success. A charter school is a public school that receives financial support from local public organizations but is separate from the local school system. In return for this financial support, charter schools are allowed to set their own academic standards, determine their own disciplinary policies, and manage their own day-to-day operations. Many parents report great improvement in their children’s performance in kindergarten and high school. But they are able to choose from a wide range of curriculum options, including Christian, career, art, music, physical education, reading, science, and foreign languages.

Charters also provide students with one-on-one instruction from experienced teachers and coaches. This hands-on experience is vital to cultivating learning skills that students are already interested in. Middle schools that have a strong student-teacher relationship foster one-on-one friendships that last a lifetime. As students mature, they often seek one-on-one guidance to help them advance in their careers or go after higher degrees. By helping middle schools develop these relationships, parents are helping their children become well-rounded individuals who are well prepared for the rigors of college life.

If your child has an exceptional academic record and a promising future, you should strongly consider sending him or her to a Maryland middle school. You will find many excellent schools in the state. Explore the options available to you and make the best decision for your family.

Jennifer Alex

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