Microsoft’s Next Windows Taking Computing To Next Level

The world has witnessed breakthrough after breakthrough, and it appears that technological advancement doesn’t plan to stop growing. Something similar is the case with Microsoft’s latest operating system⁠—Windows 11. On 24 June, we experienced what the future of Microsoft’s next Windows is shaping up to be, and the prospects look borderline fantastic. We believe that Windows 11 will take computing to the next level, and there is solid evidence to back our stance. It’s because WindowsPixel were fortunate enough to cover the best features of Windows 11 during its Launch Event, and after taking a look at those, it’s safe to assume that this is going to be the Windows of the future.

How Windows 11 is going to change the game

From rounding the corners to perfecting the layout right down to the smallest detail, Windows 11 has a user interface that’s excellent in all ways imaginable. After we were done raving about how elegant the visual interface looks right from the lock screen to Windows Hello, we took a good look at the features that this new operating system will bring to the table.

For one, Windows updates are going to be 40% smaller. In retrospect, no other iteration of Windows could manage to pull off a feat like this. Users can expect less power consumption, increase battery runtimes, and an overall lightweight load on the system.

Next, the Windows Widgets have made a dramatic return to the forefront of Windows after losing their way with Windows Vista. However, this time, the side feature has been thoroughly rebuilt from the root up, lending it a glass-like appearance that’s always up to date with your preferences.

Many people, including us, did not see it coming, but Microsoft has planned to introduce Android applications to Windows 11. With double the trouble, the Google Play Store will make Windows 11 as robust as ever. However, this project is a work in progress at the moment but will certainly be included down the road. As far as the computing world is concerned, no other operating system is doing something like this, except for Chrome OS. Still, then again, a Windows 10 laptop and a Chromebook comparison is everything but fair.

Windows 11 and gaming – Behold far-flung brilliancy

Windows 11 will change the way games are played on PCs. The aforementioned Launch Event was very keen on emphasizing how gamers are in for a treat with this up-and-coming operating system. Features such as Auto HDR and DirectStorage are expected to take the experience to the next level, especially the former that’ll take the liberty of configuring games and loading the relevant assets without overloading the GPU.

Then there’s the immense library of Xbox Game Pass, a top-of-the-line subscription service making it possible for gamers to enjoy more by paying less. Windows 11 will have a specialized Game Pass application where users could purchase and play instantly.

Windows 11 is packing tons of functionality while riling up all the competition. After six whole years of Windows 10, the time for change was due, and Microsoft has done an amazing job at delivering beyond the set expectations.

While you leave your comments below and tell us how you feel about Windows 11, do check out this article to find out whether your current PC is eligible for a Windows 11 upgrade or not.