Microsoft Bets Quantum Computing Is Next Breakthrough – Is it true?

A microsoft quantum computer can perform unorthodox computation where, instead of producing one computational result like the classical method, it would create a quantum superposition of all classical possibilities emerging from that computation.

Microsoft believes that this technology could change the computing game as we know it. They say that it could revolutionize the designs of even the most powerful supercomputers today. Fields as complicated as chemistry, material science and code-breaking could be tackled easily through these computers, and Microsoft has recognized this. As you may have seen in the pattern of certain homework help, it is sometimes important to make a few predictions.

Emerging technology

Quantum computing has really grabbed the attention of the corporate world in recent years. This is shown by the fact that Microsoft conducted extensive research on it in 2006, which is when the Station Q research group at the University of California came into being. Other corporations had come up with the idea of using qubits to measure some phenomenon as tiny as the spin of an electron or the polarization of a photon.

Now, keep in mind that this is the mere building block of this technology. These qubits would have to be joined together to form hundreds and thousands of complicated circuits to be able to actually compute something successfully. This was quite a journey, and just the idea of making it happen would’ve easily been nerve-wracking. For getting more information on Most Popular Social Media Platform in 2019

What is stopping them?

Recently, it was revealed that the progress in quantum computing so far has been insufficient to solve the problems that have been predicted by scientists. A 503 qubit D-Wave computer was the centre of the tech world’s attention due to it hoping for quantum computing to finally move forward and be the next breakthrough, as was expected of it – however, it has proven to not be enough.

Microsoft is playing it a little risky since the technology that they are basing their theories on is so far said to not even exist. What they were planning required a type of anyon particle to generate qubits, and this article has thus far not been proved to exist in nature. This puts a huge dent in their plan to make quantum computing the next big thing.

The solution

The company has recently been spending a lot of time and making efforts to work with the best research groups to explore subatomic particles that are very likely to help in their endeavour. These are called the Majorana Fermions. If their existence is proved, it would mean they can finally create the qubits they need.


This discovery would mean that Microsoft’s prediction about quantum computing being the next breakthrough is actually legitimate. In order to make sure it’s not just a theory, they will have to keep working at the same pace to find exactly what they are looking for. It sounds difficult, but hey, it’s still not impossible!