Microbial Seed Treatment Market Landscape Assessment by Type, Opportunities And Higher Mortality Rates by 2032

The microbial seed treatment market is projected to register a CAGR of 12.5% during the forecast period, up from US$ 0.9 Bn in 2021 to reach a valuation of US$ 9.8 Bn by 2027. 

Microbial is a category of microbes, which occur naturally in the environment. Microbial seed treatment is an ecofriendly approach to deliver highly beneficial microorganism to soil, where they can colonise emerging plant roots. Soil microbial for instance bacteria and fungi are also essential for decomposing organic matter and recycling old plant material. 

Moreover, in terms of agriculture benefits microbial protect crops by increasing heat tolerance capacity, drought tolerance capability, resistance to insects, weeds, pest and plant diseases. Aid of microbes and microbial in improving the quality of life has beenrecognised worldwide. Microbial seed treatment is used as an alternative to chemical pesticides owing to increasing demand for organic treatment in microbial seed treatment market. 

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Most seed treatments applied include corn, wheat, which have a seed coat surrounding an embryo. Microbial seed treatment segment holds the largest share in biological seed treatment followed by botanical treatment. Microbial seed treatment market is projected to record double digit CAGR in next five to six years. 

Microbial Seed Treatment Market Dynamics: 

Increasing in demand for healthy and hygienic agricultural goods is the main growth driver for microbial seed treatment market.However, lack of technological advancements in microbial inoculants restrict the microbial seed treatment market growth. Moreover, maintaining high numbers of functional microorganisms on seed during seed treatment is also a challenge to microbial seed treatment manufacturers. 

There are significant opportunities for microbial seed treatment market since most of the farmer have been using their own stock which is used for sowing without seed treatment. Moreover, microbial seed treatment manufacturers are currently adopting different strategies, new product development and collaboration across the value chain to make the market more acceptable across the globe. 

Microbial Seed Treatment Market Key Players: 

Some the key players operating in microbial seed treatment market are Microbial Solutions (Pty) Ltd, Bayer CropScience AG, Monsanto Company, Informa plc., Syngenta A.G.  and Novozymes A/S. 

The report covers exhaustive analysis on: 

Microbial Seed Treatment Market Segments
Microbial Seed Treatment Market Dynamics
Historical Actual Market Size, 2012 – 2014
Microbial Seed Treatment Market Size & Forecast 2015 to 2025
Supply & Demand Value Chain
Microbial Seed Treatment Market Current Trends/Issues/Challenges
Competition & Companies involved
Value Chain
Microbial Seed Treatment Market Drivers and Restraints

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Microbial Seed Treatment Market : Segmentation 

Microbial seed treatment market is also segmented by the types of seed which includes 

  • grains 
  • oilseeds 
  • pulses 
  • fruit & vegetable 
  • other crops 

By the type of microbial, microbial seed treatment market is segmented in 

  • eukarya 
  • chloroflexi 
  • proteobacteria 
  • archaea 
  • actinobacteria 
  • firmicutes 
  • bacteriodetes 
  • bacteria 

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