Michael Apostolos’ Incredible Ride to Success

Michael is a 26 year old production designer and creative director/producer in the entertainment & live events industry. He got a very early start in this industry and he has even been claimed by some to be a “prodigy” of the industry. Michael has shown incredible work ethic and determination to achieve the many successes he has had and will undoubtedly continue to follow on this path.

What separates Michael from others is his ability to dream, whether the dream is a big or small one, his ability to dream allows him the drive to push for his goals. Michael says that another one of his biggest strengths is his value for collaboration but more specifically, surrounding himself with positive people in order to create the most positive environment possible. With these strengths of Michael, he believes that he will be able to continue on this great rise that he is one. Michael says that in 5-10 years he sees himself growing his current company, Fourline Creative, into a much larger version of what the company is today.

Ever since a young age Michael has had a love for this industry and through his dreams and ability to pursue them, he is more than on his way to achieving his goals. Michael still draws inspiration from the foundations of the industry and this is why he is able to be as successful as he is today.

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