Mice control: Are mice nocturnal?

Yes, mice are nocturnal or night dwellers and that is the reason most owners do not see them in their house in day time. It is difficult to sight mice because they hardly venture out during day time. You can only detect their presence by sighting their rice shaped black droppings which may measure 1/8 – 1/2 – inch. You can also sense and hear mice in your home from their scurrying sounds, squeaking, and gnawing. Mice are compulsory gnawers and will gnaw and chew on wood furniture, insulation, plastic containers, dry walls, and whichever comes in their way.  Having mice at home is inviting danger such as rodent borne diseases so it is advised that you call BBPP, the most successful mice control Thornhill and get rid of them.

Unlike rats mice venture out only for a small distance and at a tight arc. They will move out not more than 10-25 feet and if food is within striking distance they will move only a few feet. This is the reason why pest control companies advise people to place traps in areas where mouse activities is apparent. Mice always run along the wall and you can very clearly see the runways created by their tiny feet. This is an important point to remember when you are placing the traps. Mice are curious lot and will closely inspect anything that looks suspicious. This may be the reason why no mouse has fallen in to your traps even after several days. In such incidences you should move the trap to another place and try. 

Mice food habits include a wide variety of cereals, seeds, pet food, plants, bacon, nuts, peanut butter, sweets and high protein foods. Remember these because it is important when you decide to place traps to catch mice. Mice are frequent eaters and will venture out 20-25 times a day to eat food. This makes them dangerous because they will open up sacks of grains or food packages in order to get enough supply.

When you plan tactics for mouse control you must think like a mouse. If you keep mice behavior and traits in mind you will be more successful in capturing mice using various homemade mice extermination measures. The best way you can control mouse is to close all the access points and deny them entry. Use strong resistance such as steel wool ball, caulk, cement, concrete, wire mesh or wood boards to seal the entries. These are substances which are too hard for mice to cut or chew through. If you seal all entry points mice after a few tries will go away to some other location. 5 Things To Look For in the Best Bad Credit Loans

High sanitations and safe food storage practices are other ways to thwart mice. Food smell attracts mice and you must ensure that no smell lingers in the air by cleaning food preparation areas with disinfectant. Leaving seeds, nuts, and fruits is inviting disaster and also prune grass, thickets, and trees adjacent to your building so mice don’t use them as an accessory to get in to your house. Despite being nocturnal mice are able to navigate easily through obstacles and able to obtain food. If the infestation is large you will have a bigger task in hand and the only way you can correct the situation is to call mice exterminators like BBPP, the best pest control Thornhill and remove them from your space. You can contact them on phone number 647-910-6315 or send mail to to get a free quote.