Miami’s Super Luxury Group Discuss Real Estate and Legacy

While the real estate business is not the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of work with a purpose, this is exactly the idea under which Miami-based Super Luxury Group operates. The real estate company puts great emphasis on giving back to its community and making a positive impact, which it is able to do due to the high capabilities of the team and leadership. Led by industry vet Daniel Tzinker and his partner Alvaro Nuñez Alfaro, the group focuses not only on the highest quality listings—working with properties that start at $5 million—but on hiring the most capable professionals in the industry, who’s values and vision align with their own. This combination allows them to foster meaningful relationships, in and out of business deals, and to truly help people in need.

 The operating mantra, “driven by numbers, fueled by passion, and pushed by soul,” is echoed throughout everything Super Luxury Group does—from their impeccable attention to detail and ability to understand a client’s lifestyle needs, to their devotion to the community. 

According to Daniel Tzinker, “we are not only focused on giving back and making a difference, but we are specifically focused on helping the communities we work and are tied to—this is one of our major priorities.” This mission has been clear from the start, and exemplified by Nuñez and Tzinker donating all of the benefits from their very first deal through SLG. Since then, a portion of the partners’ earnings from every deal has gone to a worthy cause or charity. “We want to use our unique position in the community, to help the community,” Alvaro Nuñez Alfaro states. 

            The Super Luxury Group partners believe that “when you create a business that fuels your passion, everything comes naturally,”—a concept that not only benefits them, but so many others. The group’s charitable history includes donating properties in order to house orphans while also providing them with needed resources, supporting the Lighthouse Foundation and United Hatzalah, and various charities in Ukraine, Spain, and the Dominican Republic—paying homage to the founders’ heritage. Given their passion for both real estate and giving back, Tzinker and Nuñez have plans to create the SLG Foundation in the future, in order to make more of an impact with their ventures. With Super Luxury Group’s impressive business growth and well-received charitable work in the Miami area, it’s clear that their belief in the importance of doing business with a purpose is the right model for lasting success.