Metro Detroit Urologist Levran Faces Mounting Charges

Amidst the sea of sexual misconduct allegations against professionals, another significant case surfaces, highlighting the indispensable role of attorneys. Youth hockey doctor Zvi Levran from Farmington Hills faced arraignment on three additional charges of criminal sexual conduct, shedding more light on the already existing investigations into allegations against the Metro Detroit urologist.

Initial Charges and New Developments

The charges filed against Levran by the Oakland County Prosecutor’s Office now total 27, emphasizing the gravity of the situation. Levran, aged 66, had previously been charged with 20 counts of criminal sexual conduct in Farmington Hills. In addition, two more charges were filed in a Bloomfield Hills court, making it four in that jurisdiction. With the constant unveiling of such cases, it is crucial for victims to have a strong legal backing. Experts, such as Novi Michigan Sexual Harassment Attorneys, offer assistance and guidance to victims, helping them navigate the intricate legal process.

Origins of the Allegations

The wave of reports against Levran began last October. A 19-year-old man came forward, alleging that the doctor sexually assaulted him at Levran’s home office. Such revelations, although shocking, are not isolated incidents. Other cases, like the one referenced in this Immigrant Harassment report, show a disturbing pattern in various sectors. Following this initial report, the Farmington Hills police set up a 24-hour tipline, which subsequently received over 40 tips hinting at Levran’s alleged criminal activities.

As the cases against Levran progress, his bond has been set at $250,000 for the 25 charges. Throughout these developments, Levran’s attorney has remained proactive, entering a not guilty plea for the new charges. In fact, Levran has pleaded not guilty for all the charges against him and is currently detained at the Oakland County Jail. Having a robust legal defense is vital in such intricate cases, and this is where Sexual Harassment Attorneys play a crucial role in safeguarding the rights of both victims and the accused.

Past Engagements and Licensure

Levran’s professional history reveals his involvement with several youth hockey teams, both as a team doctor and a coach. His affiliations include the Farmington United Hockey team and schools such as St. Mary’s Preparatory High School in West Bloomfield Township and Novi High School. Levran also holds medical licenses in multiple states, namely Michigan, Ohio, Iowa, Minnesota, and Georgia.

In conclusion, as the allegations against Levran continue to unravel, the significance of competent Attorneys becomes even more evident. Michigan Sexual Harassment Attorneys ensure that justice is served while safeguarding the rights of all parties involved.