Merging SEO and copywriting successfully

SEO is one of the most famous methods in online marketing. There might also additionally come a time when you want to enlist the assistance of some other techniques to offer your data in an exceptional way. 

A website copywriter or search engine optimization copywriter aids a huge variety of clients, which includes enterprise owners, webmasters, advertising managers, and people seeking to launch their very own private endeavors throughout the Internet.

The most effective content aims at search engines as well as visitors. Don’t make the mistake to think that copywriting and search engine optimization are different. 

You can definitely write a copy that is also SEO-optimized. You just need to make sure you know the right strategy and mindset. 

We have compiled the best SEO copywriting tricks that will engage your readers, help you rank better on search engines like google, and improve your conversions. 

Start with some strong words

Don’t start your copy as you are writing an essay where you write an introduction and then explain the whole topic. In copywriting, you have to gain the attention of the readers immediately. Hence you have to come straight to the point. 

Your title must describe the main aim that you want to convey. Using engaging headings and subheadings help a lot. You need to draw your readers’ attention immediately with the help of engaging questions, statistics, or statements. 

Write to engage the readers

Writing a piece can have different goals. You may want to communicate, clarify, or inform your readers. When we talk about copy, the main goal must be to get the attention of the readers.

  • Use powerful words like make, risk, achieve, now, overcome, etc.
  • Talk to thereaders
  • Ask questions
  • Tellstories


Your main aim must be your readers. Making the content valuable, entertaining, readable, and valuable helps you with SEO as well. 

Use keywords and avoid old SEO tricks like keyword stuffing. Google has become more intelligent over the years and values readability. 

Another feature is that voice search is becoming popular. With the help of voice search, people speak in a conversational tone rather than some specific keywords. Voice search SEO is high tech but it is bringing SEO aligned with natural tone.


  • Be clear
  • Don’t write in a difficult tone
  • Make it a reader-friendly content
  • Use bullets and numberedlist

Addtable of contents

If you are writing a long form article, then it is better to add a table of content.

A table of content helps in SEO. It allows you to add clickable keywords. This also increases the readability of any content.

Use meta description very well

Meta description is the snippet that is seen in a search result. It can have up to 155 characters. It is used to summarize the whole content. Though Google does not use it for ranking, it still has a great impact on the result. 

When you are writing a meta description, keep in mind that this snippet will attract the readers. Hence, it must be informative and perfect.

Include external and internal links

External links to authoritative content let Google understand that you are delivering quality content. Internal links to other pages and posts are good for SEO.

Both the links boost the authority and SEO. 

Final words

Your website is a powerhouse of digital marketing. By merging SEO and copywriting, you can achieve your sales goals. 

Just make sure you understand both the terms very well and know how to use them for the sake of your business.