Men’s kurta designs to Style in Different Occasions

Kurtas are no longer a South Asian ethnic outfit; their popularity is now spread across the world. Over the decades, this loose piece of garment has evolved from a traditional Punjabi dress to a stylish modern outfit, apt to be worn on a variety of occasions.

Since the festive season is in full boom, kurtas are all the rage. And when we talk about men clothing for this time of the year, nothing compares to the sophistication and comfort of men’s kurta shalwar. If you want a semi-casual look, you can wear kurtas over jeans and if it is a formal event, you can opt for a kurta shalwar with waistcoat. 

The variety of designs in kurta for men is simply endless. You can choose your style, color and cut according to your taste and event. So if you’re wondering about which style to choose for the upcoming mehndi, engagement, or wedding party.

Here are some of the best mens kurta designs Pakistani

Kurtas with Subtle & Impressive Embroidery

Embroidered kurtas for men are in much demand these days. However, subtlety and sophistication is the key here. Intricate embroidery on the placket or a prominent motif on the front panel would make you stand out and look stylish at the same time. So keep it minimalistic, graceful and trendy altogether.

The Timeless Appeal of Kurta Shalwar & Waistcoat

You can’t talk about festive men kurta shalwar without the mention of waistcoats. After all, they are what makes a man’s formal traditional look complete. It gives a neat and groomed finish which is essential, especially when you’re attending a wedding festivity. There are many options to choose from ranging from solid-colored plain waistcoats to textured ones and from simple buttons in the middle to cuts that button up on one side in the front. You can either wear waistcoats that are the same color as your kurta or go for a contrasting shade. It all depends on the look you wish to achieve. The trick is to make sure that your waistcoat blends well with your attire effortlessly and contributes to enhancing your overall look.

Raw Silks, Cotton & Yarn Dyed Fabrics 

The most trending and appealing materials for stylish kurta for men this festive season include raw silk, cotton dobby, cotton jacquard and yarn-dyed fabrics. Raw silk kurtas are ideal if you are to attend a formal event. The fabric has an elegant shine which adds glamour and style to the outfit. 

Other fabrics that are popular in men’s kurtas this winter include jacquard cotton, cotton herringbone, cotton dobby as well as yarn-dyed materials. There are plenty of designs available in all. 

Deep Maroons & Deep Blues Are In!

Among the trendiest colors, this wedding season is maroon. It looks royal, graceful, and goes well with all kinds of skin tones. What’s more is that you can pair it up with different colors such as beige, white and black. So it is extremely versatile in that sense. If you want a classic look, you can wear the maroon kurta with a basic color such as white or black.

Other than maroon, deep blues are also very popular for occasions. Since it’s wintertime, choosing dark and deep colors is a fail safe option. Olive greens and soft browns would also look very graceful. Having said that, you don’t have to ditch those pastel shades or white kurtas entirely. You can always wear those kurtas for noon-time functions and gatherings such as brunches and lunches. 

Pakistani Dresses Online Shopping

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