Men’s gold chain: Their types and other information

Buying jewelry for some time was considered a thing for women only. But it is a myth. As we see down the history lane, many emperors used to wear lavish jewelry like rings, bracelets, chains etc. The trend of men’s fashion jewelry is now taking jumps and is quite visible. Men are now more conscious regarding their appearance and it is visible. Men prefer jewel items like chains, bracelets etc. Well, we will talk about each other later. Here we will be talking about chains only and that too of gold chains only.

Men’s gold chain is considered to be a symbol of status in society. A symbol of richness and luxury, for men, is a tool to impress others. It is a tool to beautify themselves in quite a masculine manner. Just like women have their designer necklace, there is a mens gold chain. You can get all sorts of designs, ranging from highly simple to beautifully intricate designs.  


Following are the types of gold chains for men:

● Ball chains: Generally made to hold a dog tag. Is considered to be durable and has good strength.

● Cable chains: Consisting of quite simple and classical design in nature. There is a huge variety in length and width, which can easily suit your variety of styling sense.

● Herringbone chains: Due to their V-shaped links, these chains usually develop a unique type of liquid effect. Also, these types of chains are independently capable to give a stunning look, as they do not require any pendant.

● Franco chains: Its design is italic in nature. The intricate connections of V-shaped links are the reason behind their master design.

● Box chains: Have the square type of interconnections, which makes them look like masculine in nature.

● Rope chains: This category is highly popular among men, as its oval links give toughness with versatility in looks. Also, if you can add a pendant in the thinner chains, then it will be an add on.

● Figaro chains: If you want to have eye-catching chains, then they are the most suitable choice. They usually have round and oval links of connections. The combination is like, 2–3 round links after which there is an oval link.

Do not worry, there will be an article on how to style these gold chains!

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