Men’s braids History

Salons offer clients variations on the theme a la Garçon, but also extravagant images in the style of the TV series “Viking”. Men’s braids are a relatively new word among modern, stylish hairstyles. A variety of hairstyles for men with braids allows you to pick up a hairstyle to the face and to the place, and not always look wild, frightening, or provocative. Businessman with “dragons” on his head or “Padawan” braids – is not rare, and soon will become commonplace.

How practical are these hairstyles? What kinds of braids can men wear? Whether to complement the image with a beard? All these questions we will consider in the review, which is dedicated to people who are not afraid to experiment.

Creative people are the first to master any ways of visual self-expression.

A look back in history

The history of men’s hairstyles is akin to sailing the high seas. There have been storms and calm waters, and powdered wigs’ beginnings have given way to radical shorter haircuts. A wide variety of hairstyles were popular in Europe. In the early Middle Ages, for example, when the rugged Vikings ploughed the northern seas, men often had their hair in braids. For many nomadic peoples (Polovtsy, Mongols, Scythians, and others), such hairstyles were the most practical and convenient. The most striking wearers of braids were North American Indians.

In ancient and medieval times, such hairstyles were a sign of belonging to the military caste or carried the status of a distinguishing sign of the ruling class, as was the case with the nobles of Europe, who wore wigs with boules and plaits. Since the middle of XX century, long hair, arranged in Afro braids, was worn by hippies and musicians, who were not popular with the conservative generation, accustomed to the hardships and deprivations of wartime.

Nowadays the popularity of men’s braided hairstyles is popularized by the film industry, catwalks and social media. As the stylists say, braids (boxer pigtails) will soon displace the brutal beards and become a new symbol of masculinity.

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Styles of men’s hairstyles with pigtails

Most of the hairstyles, involving braids, can only be done in the conditions of the salon. The most difficult variants of hairstyles with plaits braided for several hours. As for the variety of braids, it is not as great as for women, but it does not always require long hair.

French braid

French braids are the most popular and the easiest way to wear braids. If your master cannot weave such braids, he is an amateur, to whom it is not worth referring in the future. Externally, this plait resembles a spikelet, curling on the head. To weave a braid is enough hair of medium length. The stylists in this style grab the strands at the roots and intertwine them with each other. You can braid the hair as at the nape or parietal, as well as along the entire head. You can wear this style on the head without braiding for up to one week.


Braids or boxer braids are a type of tight African braids that are braided right over the head. For braiding to be stronger, special threads-canequin threads are woven into the hair strands, chosen under the shade of hair or vice versa brightly contrast with the natural color of the vegetation on the head. Quite often you can see braiding in athletes, as this hairstyle keeps its neat appearance for a long time. You can braid them in different directions. Often, with this type of braiding, hairdressers create bizarre patterns on the head. Men can arrange hair in boxer plaits on the temples, the back of the head or throughout the skull. The strands can be intertwined along the entire length or fixed at the back of the head.

This hairstyle keeps its presentable look from a few weeks to one month. It can be wet with water, which makes the styling practical, but you can wash your hair not more than once a week. To make the braids, it is enough to have hair more than 10 centimeters long.

African braids

African braids are one of the variations of braids. For styling it is used a canecone, which gives the hairstyle an extravagant look. To imagine how the style looks like, it is enough to remember the images of the inhabitants of African-American areas of major cities in the United States. African braids allow you to significantly lengthen the hair thanks to the canecolons woven into them. This hairstyle is easy to care for; all you need is to wash your hair once a week with shampoo.


Dreadlocks are the most radical type of hairstyle made popular by the most peace-loving musician, Bob Marley. There are two varieties of dreadlocks:

“Dangerous. Braided on their own hair, over time, they are cut together with them. The master will be limited by the length and color of the strands.

“Safe.” Artificial strands are used to create them, intertwined with the hair. A palette of strands allows you to create a unique look. As time passes, canecolons are simply removed.

Dreads, unlike other varieties of braiding, require more care. In the first month after laying you should not wash your head. Also, men will need to curl the tangles themselves, which will allow them to wear the hairstyle long enough.

Dreadlocks are the most striking, but the most demanding type of braiding.

Beards and plaits

By themselves styling with braids on men already look “screaming”. Therefore, it may seem that the beard will be superfluous here. However, the right facial vegetation will only emphasize the masculinity and reasonable boldness of the image. In the theme will be men with braids and slight unshavenness on the cheeks, which will give the appearance a bit of grunge.

If you have a thick and long beard, you simply must weave one or several braids on it, which will elevate you to the rank of people who are aware of fashion trends. Stylists advise to let the hair on the chin with a length of 5 centimeters and boldly experiment, creating a variety of images with braids and locs (a type of braiding).


In our dynamic time, men’s braids have become a fashionable direction of hairstyles not only for athletes, bohemians, or representatives of the hippie trend. Complex braid patterns adorn the heads of famous actors, businessmen and simply men leading an active lifestyle. It is possible to braid whimsical plaits on the beard, which will make an everyday image a little militant, give a moderate, not provoking brutality.