Meet top model and Influencer Podcaster Bunnie Xo, aka Bunnie DeFord.

Over the times, social media has made it exponentially more accessible to keep up with the world’s most famous supermodels and celebrities. While society used to associate being a model to nothing more than having a hot body and a beautiful face, models have since curated a comprehensive lifestyle label that many women and men feel inspired by.


As we are talking about social media IG how can we forget Podcasts and Youtube? It has been best friends for all in this pandemic, especially for models and all. Top models like Bunnie Xo, aka Bunnie DeFord, are trendsetters to all the models around. She is doing a fab job with her Podcast and Youtube Channel. Many big names are joining her videos live on Podcast.


Her life has been a roller coaster, she is a dreamer who always dreamed big in life, and she has achieved all her dreams with her hard work and gorgeous looks. Being a top model, she knows the reality of this field. She always talks about it on her youtube channel and on her podcast videos, which is attracting all the people around who want to know about her and people who are joining her videos.


In between all of that, she is running a successful YouTube channel where you can find Dumb Blonde Podcast among many other series.


She is also producing the big shows like Meet the DeFords, which is running exceptionally well. In this show, you get all the behind the scenes look of two parents in the entertainment industry.


Bunnie Xo, aka Bunnie DeFord, is a born entertainer; she knows how to drag people towards her channel and podcasts. Being a model and prominent name in the entertainment industry, it was not that tough for her to gain popularity in social media platforms, after all, who doesn’t want to see beauty like her on a daily basis. She is an exceptional talent, a perfect example of beauty with a brain. She is setting a new trend for all the latest models to try other mediums to become successful in life.