Meet the most stunning International Model of New York Dakota James.

New York City is overwhelmed with some of the most sensual models from around the world right now. That can only mean it is New York Fashion Week, and the most passionate designers in the world have the world’s most sizzling models walking runways and doing photo-shoots all over the city to announce and excite their newest fashion lines.

Dakota James, a renowned model, the new name of New York City, is buzzing high for her wow looks, Social media updates and enormous fan following Dakota is now rated as America’s Top Model Online, she is adventurous and handles her fan following amazingly.

2020 we show a massive hike in her fan following on IG nearly 2. million people follow her and adore her beauty online. This year has been a changing year for her. Her looks are getting more appreciation from different parts of the world. Yes, there are no fashion shows available for models, but IG and online videos are helping them stay in touch with their fans around the world.

Dakota is earning massive from last year as she knows how to handle fan following and business. It is not easy to look best all the time, but she is able to look wow due to her hard work. She takes good care of herself, which is helping her gain more popularity.

She looks different; she has come a long way. Now she is a curvy top model, giving the best time to her fans. She is a confident girl and knows how to grow as a Top International MOdel.Dakota James is maintaining a good relationship with her fans; people write her name on the body. She is even getting marriage offers from the richest ones around. Her fans are crossing all the levels making her feel good all the time.




Dakota James has famous lines “Just be yourself, and be confident. Also, I love bad pick up lines! So give me your best shot.”

For designers, we feel she is the right model to wear their clothes and can make their line an instant success. Once things get to normal, we will see her becoming a show stopper for sure. 

We want to be surprised if Dakota becomes the face of Armani, Gucci, or DKNY can launch a career. She has that in her, which will take her long way in life.