Meet the Global Champion Christina Hartman

Christina Hartman is a global champion for fair elections, democracy, and women’s rights, as well as a past candidate for political office. Ms. Hartman is presently in charge of government collaborations at Bitwise Industries as the director. 

She has overseen the finance, operation, governance, human resources, programming, fundraising, and lobbying for a wide variety of high-profile organizations worldwide, ranging from new ventures to those in need of a turnaround.


Hartman has worked as a consultant for many companies, including independently and for Cygnet Strategy and BroderickHaight Consulting. Her consulting practice advises nonprofits and industry groups in operations, strategy, fundraising, and management. 

Additionally, Hartman has collaborated with many international developments and humanitarian groups like the National Democratic Institute (NDI), the Joyful Heart Foundation, Freedom House, and the Prince’s Trust. She graduated from George Washington University with a BA in international affairs and Fordham University with an MA in international political economics and development.

The State-wide Race

Christina’s parents came from Philadelphia, and she also has relatives in the state’s northeast and central regions, although she spent her formative years in Lancaster. She has the support of over 60 elected officials, including Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell, and the endorsements of the Lancaster County Democratic Committee, the Chester County Democratic Committee, and the Montgomery County 

Democratic Committee, as well as the Montgomery County Central Labor Council. Christina has traveled to 45 of the state’s 67 counties to meet with voters. Christina appreciates the value of a hard day’s work whether you live in a big city, a small town, or the country. A candidate known as Cristina, who is from central Pennsylvania, is attempting to bring together Democrats from all around the state in preparation for November’s election.

Unique Qualifications

Christina is an exceptional candidate for Auditor General because she has the technical knowledge, leadership and management experience, and political savvy necessary to not only win in November but also to successfully head the Auditor General’s office. She had a successful 20-year career during which she helped hold regimes accountable in some of the world’s worst dictatorships.

Lifting the Workplace 

Christina is an outspoken supporter of organized labor and is pleased to call the Office and Professional Employees International Union (OPEIU) Local 1937 her union. Christina has spent her life advocating for union ideals such as collective voice, community organizing, and nonviolent civic opposition.

Political Properties

Christina Hartman politician plans to focus on improving schools, hospitals, and the judicial system. Christina will examine the flaws in our criminal justice system, including the high recidivism rates that result from the system’s emphasis on punishment rather than rehabilitation. 

Problems in the criminal justice system are violating human rights, but it is equally crucial to demonstrate that our tax funds are being used wisely or effectively. Christina would analyze the gap between public school and charter school expectations, to name one facet of schooling she would examine. 

Despite receiving public funding, charter schools are generally held to lesser standards, which harms our pupils. She will do everything she can to bring attention to these distinctions while also advocating for public schools and working to guarantee that all children attending institutions funded by the state are receiving an adequate education.