Meet Meveto, and Forget Passwords Forever!

According to an estimation, global cybercrime is expected to cost $10 trillion annually by 2025. In the meantime, ransomware, in particular, is becoming a much more significant danger. Ransomware is a type of cybercrime where the victim is threatened with having their personal information published or having access to it blocked unless a ransom is paid. According to estimates, ransomware attacks reportedly cost the US $915 million in 2020 alone. As much as we want to believe our information is secured on the internet, it is not. Many of us have been a victim of our innocent and paid the heavy price. In this era of the internet, data are the new oil, and anyone who controls it will rule the world, and for us, it is necessary to handle our online privacy better and protect our password before it falls into the hand of evil.

Seeing such issues on the horizon, many leading tech companies are creating more advanced firewalls to protect their users from hacking. We can see new methods introduced in the banking sector, The IT industry, Social Media platforms, and many other industries. Still, as a user, we must secure our data as it can cause some serious harm to our lives and our privacy. In search of the perfect password-protecting system, we stumbled upon one of the most trustworthy and reliable password-managing software, Meveto Inc. Meveto is quickly establishing itself as a pioneer in the field of reducing our cybersecurity threats. To learn more about how Meveto’s technology works to better safeguard, we decided to speak with Emir Ceric, CEO and Founder of Meveto.

Emir Ceric told us how difficult it was for him to find a simple solution that could save not just millions of dollars but also can secure our secrets. Success is difficult to acquire and demands a lot of sacrifices and work. Most people encounter obstacles in their quest for success because they are unsure of the components to combine to create the ideal elixir. Emir Ceric has learned through his years of experience that the magical success potion requires creativity and pragmatism.

Emir asserts that the world needs innovators now more than ever while discussing innovation as a component of success. The limits of our current reality are continuously being tested by technology, which opens new possibilities for creativity and innovation. The world is looking for ideas, original concepts, and creations. As a result, innovation will help you stand out from the competition in your field and position you as a leader on the road to success. You will have a competitive advantage if you can produce and provide something distinctive to the market. He told us many great ideas require effort, and merely an idea itself is nothing without execution.

Emir also emphasizes the importance of practicality. He points out that being inventive is one thing, but success may be elusive if you don’t have workable ideas and answers to the issues. Being practical allows you to comprehend how things function and promotes personal development. According to Emir, knowing how to use such knowledge practically is more important than simply learning and absorbing information. He believes action speaks louder than words and wanted to promote a hard-working culture.

We asked him what motivated him to create Meveto. “Since everything we do now is done online, authentication is essential, according to Emir. “I was motivated to develop Meveto so that we could provide a safer means of online authentication with little risk of compromise. On the internet, identity theft is easy to do, and thus we need more reliable and secure ways to identify who we are while protecting our information. Meveto was formed on the idea that there must be a better method to accomplish this, and we want to improve upon the archaic idea of passwords by developing a more secure online system.”

A password manager program creates strong passwords and saves them in an encrypted format. A password manager’s benefit is that it can recommend lengthy, challenging-to-crack random passwords and remember and autofill passwords. Users only need to keep access to one password account when using a password manager; they don’t need to memorize passwords or write them down anywhere else. As it said, “modern problems require modern solutions,” Emir’s team at Meveto is here to rescue all of us from becoming the next victim of hackers.