Meet Juris Bruvers – The young Latvian lad who tops the Social Media Influencing game at present

The internet has opened up vast opportunities, Digital Influencing being the top most, and Juris has capitalized it the right way.

This 17 year old has become a popular name in the digital world, owing to his influencing skills which have been appreciated by many brands and businesses who have benefitted from his services. He has shown tremendous promise, given his age, and reached a position from where he calls the shots. His in-depth knowledge about the workings of the field have made him the most preferred marketing partners of many out there, who vouch for his target driven services, which gives them the desired results.

Not many know that Juris’ foray into the Digital Marketing arena was not pre planned and he just took up this career by chance. In his early days, he used to be glued to his computer, playing online games all day long, and uploading videos of it on online platforms. His gaming skills were appreciated by many enthusiasts who started following his social media accounts, making him an instant rage online in a short period. One thing led to other and he capitalized his popularity to market others on his social media accounts for a fee. What started with a measly amount of $1 grew upto $10 and that’s when he thought of getting this serious and make a profession out of it. Soon he had his hands full of work, and this started his career as a Digital Influencer.

Today, he partners with many other influencers and aims at pushing clients online presence to optimum limits through his online marketing strategies. He credits his family and close friends who have supported him throughout his journey and would like to give a special mention to Von Monika and Nicolas Corsaro, who have always motivated and inspired him to give his best. The long hours of hard work have indeed worked wonders and Juris Bruvers has become a name to reckon with in the Digital Marketing and Influencing industry.