Meet Gennaro Lanza: A Tour Guide, Nature Lover Who Loves to Travel

We all know that the internet is more than just a place to share pictures of our cats and eat pizza. In this article, we get to know Gennaro Lanza, a tour guide and nature lover based in London, UK. We also delve into his other interest’s yoga, sports, and travel.

Gennaro Lanza

Gennaro Lanza is a nature lover and travel guide who loves to share his knowledge with others. He has been traveling the world for more than 20 years, and his vast knowledge has made him a respected authority on all things about the natural world.

Lanza is also an accomplished photographer; having taken many stunning photographs of the landscapes he’s explored. Whether exploring the jungles of South America or taking in the views from Mount Kilimanjaro, Lanza knows how to make a trip memorable for tourists and locals alike.

The Tour Guide

Meet Gennaro Lanza, a nature lover and travel guide who loves to show people around his hometown of London, UK. Lanza is an expert on the history and culture of his region and is always happy to share his knowledge with guests. He also enjoys cooking, wine-making, and spending time with his family. His passion for travel has taken him all over Europe and beyond, and he is always eager to show new places off to visitors.

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The Nature Lover

Gennaro Lanza is a nature lover and travel guide who loves to share his love of the outdoors. He started as a tour guide but eventually became a full-time nature enthusiast. Lanza loves to share his knowledge and passion for the outdoors with others through writing, photography, and video tours.

His tours are popular with tourists and locals alike for their diversity and intimate interactions with the natural world. In the fall of 2015, Lanza decided to turn his attention to writing for a living, and he began work on an e-book about his adventures in the wilderness. The following spring, he was hired by the United States Forest Service to write a series of articles and blog posts about forest fires.

Lanza currently serves as the writer for “The Leavenworth Times,” a weekly newspaper based in Leavenworth, Washington. Several travel outlets have also interviewed him, including National Geographic Traveler Magazine, Sierra Club magazine, Seattle Magazine, and The Lost Coast Outpost. Lanza is also on staff at the College of St Scholastica, where he teaches journalism courses to students on both the main campus and online.

Lanza’s writing has been featured in numerous publications, including “The Wall Street Journal,” “Men’s Health,” and National Geographic Traveler Magazine. His work has also been featured on numerous blogs, including the Huffington Post, Nerve, Mental Floss, the Seattle Times, In My Humble Opinion Magazine, The Lost Coast Outpost, Adventure Travel Trade magazine, and others.

Lanza’s first memoir was published by Simon & Schuster in 2014 titled “The Great Northwest,” an exploration of all things West Coast from the Pacific Ocean to the Canadian border. Lanza followed up with a book of travel essays called “Coffee Break: A Journey through Coffee Country.”

Yoga and Sports

Gennaro Lanza is a yoga teacher, sports coach, and traveler who loves to share his experiences with others. In this article, we talk about his love for yoga, how it has helped him maintain a healthy body and mind, and how he uses it as a tool to travel the world.

How did you get interested in yoga?

I got interested in yoga because I sought a way to relieve tension headaches. Yoga was a great way to do this because it improved my flexibility and breathing. I found that I was improving and wanted to explore more.

Once I started doing yoga regularly, I discovered much more about it than just relieving tension headaches. I also realized that yoga has many other benefits besides stress relief, such as improved flexibility, better breathing, pain management, weight loss, increased happiness, etc.


If you’re looking for an informative and entertaining guide to traveling the world, look no further than Gennaro Lanza. Gennaro, a tour guide by trade, has a wealth of knowledge about the locales he takes tourists to and his own experiences. He also happens to be a lover of nature, which shines through in his tours.