Meet and Greet – What Makes It the Best Airport Parking Option?

A complete guide, providing you answers to the common questions prevailing in the mind of passengers!

Is travel in your plans in the next few days or weeks?

What about the travel arrangements?

Have you purchased the ticket and booked accommodation at the destination?

If you have made prior arrangements for your trip, but have either missed or ignored airport parking then you must get ready for endless troubles and stresses on your flight day. You might be thinking of securing the parking slot right away in the on-site parking compound, but parking is never an easy task and a piece of cake especially when it comes to major airports like Gatwick. Spare a few minutes to compare meet and greet at Stansted deals at EzyBook and book a smart meet and greet or park and ride amenity at your earliest to avoid departure day troubles.

If you have opted for a meet and greet service, then it wouldn’t be wrong to say that you are about to enjoy the best parking experience on your departure day. When you are availing meet and greet parking for the first time, many questions arise in mind regarding the parking service and procedure. We have compiled a list of the most commonly asked questions so that you can get answers to many of your queries here, but even there is something that you are still looking for, make sure to contact your parking service provider ahead of the flight.

Meet and greet is the parking service, where you meet a driver at a mutually agreed to meet up point, who will provide you airport parking services. Upon return, your car will be brought back at the same spot, ready waiting for you to drive back home safely and peacefully. While leaving for a long holiday tour, make sure to book your Stansted airport cheap parking spot at your earliest. 

What is on-site parking?

Well, on-site parking is usually referred to as parking in parking lots that are owned by the airports. The parking rates are fairly high as they are providing you with the parking facility within the airport vicinity. Official parking never takes any responsibility regarding the safety and security of the cars parked in its parking area. This means you have to compromise in case you find a damaged vehicle upon return. Even in case of car theft you are never compensated for it.

What is off-site parking?

Several parking providers offer car parking facilities to the passengers via an off-site parking lot located near to the airport. They offer to meet and greet, valet & park and ride services to the passengers. They can easily find out the procedure for each option along with the prices, before booking the most suitable one for their airport parking.

Which the best parking option?

Depending upon passenger preference & choice, cheap Stansted airport parking is the mainly popular parking alternatives. It is completely stress-free, the parking space is guaranteed before your airport arrival and you proceed to the check-in within a few minutes as a chauffeur is appointed to provide you airport parking services

What are the benefits of pre-booking?

Airport parking is very economical as long as it is booked in advance. The parking prices increase noticeably once the departure date comes closer.

Should I directly book a car park rather than a comparison site?

You will be able to get the best possible rates if you have booked through a comparison platform. Instead of visiting websites one after another, it is rather more convenient to find out various airport parking deals from different parking providers at a comparison site and then pick the ideal option after a  careful comparison of rates and features.

Do I need to leave my car keys back?

While using meet and greet/valet parking, you are required to hand over the car keys to the chauffeur, so that he parks your vehicle. With park and ride, you can keep the car keys with you, though, no accountability is taken by the car park in case your car doesn’t start or is stolen upon your return.

What does Park Mark mean?

It is an award that is given by the police to those parking lots who have all the necessary security measures in their parking area. This means when you have booked a parking operator who has been awarded Park Mark, your car is going in the custody of an authenticated and reliable provider and you never have to worry about its safety and security.

What to do when a flight is delayed?

Many parking operators keep themselves updated with the status of flights when they have bookings on a certain day. As soon as your flight lands, get in touch with the parking amenity so that they can assign a chauffeur to return your vehicle as soon as possible. However, in case of any delay, please keep in mind that you might have to wait for time as no driver may not be readily available at your required time, as the tasks are assigned to the drivers for car pick up and drop off.

Which time do I need to arrive on the flight day?

Make sure to call the parking operator at least 30 minutes ahead of your arrival time at the airport. It is advisable to reach the airport at least 2.5 hours before your flight time so that you can complete the boarding procedure without any hurry.

Is meet and greet drivers insured?

Yes, most of the meet and greet parking operators hire drivers that are fully insured. However, you can confirm too, while booking a specific parking service.

What to do when my car is damaged?

Make sure to register any damages to your vehicle before leaving the airport vicinity. This will help you to claim for the damages. Once you are outside the airport area, no responsibility will be taken by your meet and greet parking operator. Hence, it is recommended to thoroughly check the condition of your vehicle upon return.

Will I receive a clean car upon arrival?

If you are looking for a neat, clean and washed car upon return, consider booking a valet airport parking service.