Meet Amir Malul, the up and coming social media star who is winning over people with his pranks

2020 has not been a great year for most people with the pandemic and everything else that is happening. Amidst this chaos, there are some who are trying to bring joy to people and make them laugh.

Amir Malul is a social media influencer and a prank star from Israel. Hailing from the city of Petah Tikva, Israel, Amir has grown into a social media sensation and is somewhat of a local celebrity.

Amir started making fun videos and pranks out of his love for watching such videos, from there on he saw that he was receiving a huge response and started making them on a regular basis, he is one of those people who enjoys making others laugh.

Apart from making funny videos, Amir is also a very talented singer and also works as a show host. He has also hosted a lot of television programs across the country and is widely popular for his body of work.

Talking more about the same, Amir shares, “I started making prank videos for fun, I’ve always enjoyed making people laugh so it was a spontaneous thing. Eventually I started gaining a lot of views and traction on my posts and videos and I loved it so I started dedicating my time to making videos and from there my whole journey started. Now, people know me, brands are approaching me for sponsorship videos, I’m even invited to host a lot of shows and television programs and I’m grateful for everything. I hope to continue to make people laugh not just in Israel but across the world.”

His social media has been seeing a tremendous growth given the kind of content he makes, keep an eye out for Amir as he wins over the world with his pranks.