Medifast Vs Optavia: Which One Is Cheaper and Better?

How Medifast and optavia are different when they both offer weight loss plans to people who want to shed their extra fat? Here’s some Medifast vs optavia facts to make things clear.

Although Medifast and Optavia are both recognizable weight loss programs, they are different and work in their own way.

In actual, Medifast is a parent company well known for its weight loss campaign while Optavia is one of the Medifast’s brands. They both offer healthy diet plans to their clients but work differently. In short, you can say that Medifast and Optavia are less similar and vastly different weight loss programs. So, let’s understand them one by one.

Medifast Vs Optavia

A few decades back, Medifast was a popular diet plan comprised of controlled, calorie-counted, individually portioned, and nutritionally balanced diet meals. Their goal was to develop healthy habits among people to lead their lives healthily.

Whereas, optavia is an extension of Medifast nutrition company that offers more sophisticated diet programs and helps people to reduce their extra pounds more quickly than other weight loss programs. Optavia replaces Medifast meals with its scientifically designed and clinically proven optavia fuelings and therefore costs heavier.

So, if you are looking for Medifast vs optavia in terms of cost, optavia is definitely pricey to afford. So, you can try Medifast meals as optavia fueling substitutes while remaining within the budget.

Medifast is also one of the best cheaper alternatives to optavia fuelings because both these weight loss companies work on the same principles. They both aim to change the lifestyle of people healthily by developing habits related to healthy eating. The major differences are their plan cost, meals or fuelings they offer, and the way they both work in a long run.

Menu Ingredients

Medifast diet engaged a controlled portion of healthy proteins, high-quality fats, low-glycemic carbs, vitamins, and minerals. Medifast meals were calorie-counted, nutritious, healthy, and deliciously divided into breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The whole plan also contained pre-packaged snacks, shakes, and smoothies to treat you more often. Medifast offers 147 meal options throughout their plans.

On the other hand, optavia is more flexible in ingredient choice and comprises pre-packaged foods as well as optavia lean and green recipes which are focused on plant-derived components such as fibers, fruits, vegetables, and destrin. Optavia fuelings are selectable you can shop as per your choice.

How They Work?

Medifast works in three phases in which people lose their significant fats in the first phase and entered the transition phase. The transition phase provides meal relaxation and adds a few starches, dairy products, and pre-packaged snacks to live healthily. Next is the maintenance phase which is all about munching on the balanced diet without compromising on your beloved foods.

On the other hand, optavia provides you the versatile weight loss plans one can choose freely. It provides weight loss programs categorized under optimal weight and optimal health plans. Optimal weight plans include 5 & 1 plan (5 optavia fuelings and 1 lean and green meal) and 4 &2 &1 plan (4 optavia fuelings, 2 lean and green meals, 1 snack each day), while optimal health includes 3 & 3 plan (3 optavia fueling and 3 lean and green meals). You can choose any of them according to your health conditions.

Plan Features

Although Medifast and optavia both have meal replacement products to facilitate their followers, however, Medifast lacks health coaching facilities and behavioral change programs. Optavia provides its users a coaching guide to make their weight loss journey easier. Whereas, Medifast has no such supporting guide or coaching community for clients.

Plan Cost

Medifast plans cost around $300-$400 and if you want o order selectable meal replacements, you will cost around $15-$20. Whereas, optavia is quite pricey as compared to Medifast and costs more than $400 for each optimal optavia kit.

Pros And Cons

Medifast and optavia are both scientifically proven and simple to follow diet plans one can easily stick to. Both diet plans offer meal replacements that are nutritionally balanced and selectable. However, if you are new to these programs, the new sophisticated diet routine and meal replacement flavors can annoy you. To more, the pricey subscriptions to both these diet plans are also major drawbacks.

Medifast Vs Optavia: Which Is Better?

One can decide the best weight loss program according to certain preferences. For instance, Medifast is the best choice if you want to go for a cheaper diet plan. And on the other side, optavia is the best option to go if you want to shed extra fats more quickly and flexibly. So, it’s all up to you depending on why you want to join these diet plans and how you can manage all things.

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