Medical Tourism: When You Should Consider Treatment Abroad

More and more people from countries with a low level of medicine prefer to be treated abroad. The best clinics in the world willingly accept foreign patients, providing them with the highest level of medical services. If you are diagnosed with a severe or rare disease that requires surgery or high-tech medical care, you can undergo treatment abroad. Use the Booking Health service to choose the medical center and make an appointment at a low cost.

What diseases can be treated abroad

All healthcare conditions can be treated abroad, but in practice, people rarely visit other countries to get rid of a runny nose or a rash on their face. Much more often they turn to health tourism for the treatment of severe illnesses, such as oncology, heart defects, epilepsy, etc.

Nearly half of all medical tourists visit oncology clinics. Cancer is a widespread and deadly disease. Methods of its treatment are not the same in different countries. In developed countries, innovative interventions and drugs are available, which allow you to hope for the best results in cancer treatment. If a person receives help abroad, he is more likely to get rid of cancer completely or put the disease into a state of long-term remission.

A huge number of patients use international medical tourism for the treatment of coronary heart disease, heart valve pathologies, and congenital heart defects in children. Many operations abroad are performed endovascularly instead of traumatic open interventions.

Orthopedics remains a popular destination for medical tourism. Abroad, artificial joints are implanted, cartilage is transplanted, and arthroscopic operations are performed for sports injuries.

The services of neurosurgeons and spinal surgeons are highly popular. Abroad, foreign patients are treated for intervertebral hernias and stenosis of the spinal canal using minimally invasive techniques. They are also treated for tumors, injuries and malformations.

Among the popular areas of medical tourism are urology and gynecology. In developed countries, prostate adenoma, endometriosis, uterine fibroids, pelvic organ prolapse, urinary incontinence can be quickly and non-traumatically cured, and the problem of infertility can be solved with the help of assisted reproductive technologies.

Why the overseas medical treatment is better

The most popular destinations for affordable healthcare abroad are European countries and Turkey. Germany or Switzerland are the leaders, and there are many reasons for this:

  • Innovative methods are used, which are not yet available in most countries.
  • The level of doctors’ training is higher, so treatments are performed more successfully and safely.
  • Healthcare tourism offers less traumatic treatment. Here, many manipulations and operations are carried out through the natural openings of the body or short incisions. Gradually, such interventions are replacing traditional abdominal operations, which are traumatic and require long-term rehabilitation.
  • Foreign doctors can use the latest medicines and equipment.
  • Clinics abroad have the most modern equipment.

In developed European countries, great importance is attached not only to life expectancy, but also to the quality of life. Healthcare abroad not only cures the disease, but also restores damaged organs, lost body parts, and improves the patient’s appearance so that he can adapt in society without experiencing psychological problems.

How to receive medical care abroad

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