Medical Supplies Market | Trends & Forecast in 2022

Thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic, medical supplies can be in short supply in a lot of cases. This makes it important to be able to keep track of the latest trends so that you can predict what will be most in demand, allowing you to get the medical supplies you need when you need them. Let’s take a look at the medical supplies trends and forecast for 2022.

Surgical Masks

Because of the Covid pandemic, masks will be an in-demand item. There are many different types of masks but high-quality surgical masks such as the N95 will be top sellers. Masks are used to help prevent the spread of Covid-19 by catching it as an infected individual exhales. This is especially important as many who are infected don’t know it yet since symptoms can take up to two weeks to manifest. It should also be mentioned that similar-looking masks, such as masks designed to keep one from breathing in sawdust or other contaminates, are not as effective as true surgical masks.

Surgical Gloves

Though less popular among the general population even during this pandemic, surgical gloves, or rubber gloves in general, are going to be a top item in 2022. This is because of their role as one of the world’s most ubiquitous disposable medical supplies. Furthermore, Covid can be transmitted by touching an infected surface, then touching one’s face. This can make disposable surgical gloves useful in more settings than just hospitals and doctor’s offices. Since procuring gloves may be difficult, it can help to get them straight from the manufacturer. For example, Happy Hands Gloves is a surgical gloves manufacturer in Thailand and is a good source for medical facilities in that area.

Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitiser is so common that it may be easy to forget that it is a medical supply, it will be in large demand in 2022 as the pandemic continues. In fact, ordering hand sanitisers in bulk has been popular among many, and stores tend to run out of it regularly because of its high popularity. Since getting hand sanitiser can be challenging these days, it is recommended to seek out various different retailers both online and off so that you have a backup plan when one runs out.

Laboratory Testing Equipment and More

While Covid tests in particular are an in-demand item, other forms of medical supplies such as laboratory testing equipment, wound care products, and diagnostics equipment have dropped in demand. The reason for this is the fact that non-emergency cases have gone down thanks to the way social distancing is affecting the behaviour of the general population. It is also worth noting that in some areas Covid patients are making up a large portion of those who are hospitalized, meaning that testing equipment for other conditions is not as necessary at the moment.

Covid-19 Will Continue Affecting the Medical Supplies Market

As with previous years, the Covid pandemic will continue to play a large role in shaping the medical supplies market. Not only does it make certain items like masks, gloves, and hand sanitisers more popular, it has also decreased the need for other medical supplies such as wound care products, and diagnostics equipment. Understanding these trends will be important for manufacturers, retailers, and consumers alike.

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