Medical Colleges vs. Engineering Colleges – Things You Need to Know

In Pakistan, the most common career options for students are engineering or medicine. In fact, both of these fields offer desirable careers for the students who pick them. And are ready to deal with all the difficulties. There are two options on the front of students to go to medical colleges or engineering colleges.

However, when we look at the number of doctors and engineers being produced today, the trend nowadays shows more focus on engineering. It may be because of engineering. You can secure a decent job just with your 4 years of study in an engineering college whereas, for medical, you need at least 10 years of studying. And hard work and even then you may not earn as well as an engineer, at that time.

Yet, medicine is a highly honored profession which is why a great number of students are drawn towards this field. Being able to help a patient recover from illnesses. And sometimes, even saving lives is a big enough incentive for the people choosing this career path. It’s surely not always about the money.

This article highlights the many differences between a Private Medical college And an engineering college, so if you’re looking for help with that, this is just the right post for you!

Is Medical College the Right Option for You?

Most of the time, teenagers are confused when deciding their career paths and this is the time when they need help the most. However, no one can make this decision for you, it all depends on what you want from life in the longer run.

If you are looking for a stable job with just 4 years of study, then engineering is the safest option for you but if you are looking for an honorable status. And respect in the society, then you know nothing can beat doctors. However, what you should know is that not everyone is born to become a doctor as it requires a lot of effort. And a completely different mindset as compared to engineering students.

In engineering, all you need to do is absorb a concept and you can solve all the problems but in medicine, you have to memories as well as understand everything to even just pass a test. Medicine is a never-ending pool of knowledge!

In addition, what you really need to remember is the difference between subjects. If you think you have always been good at math and physics and it is what interests you then naturally you should go for engineering as it revolves around these subjects. On the contrary, medicine requires your skills in biology. If you have always scored well in biology and chemistry, then going for medicine might not be that difficult for you.

Both the fields require almost the same amount of attention and work. If you want to succeed in life, there is no running away from hard work.

Comparison of Admission Processes

Getting into a medical college is not a piece of cake. And most students consider this the most difficult part of their academic journey. There are some basic requirements that you need to meet if you want to take admission in a medical college in Pakistan then you should give the MBBS admission test for taking admission in medical college. Here is a brief list of what you need:

  • At least 80% marks in your intermediate level
  • If you’re an A level student, at least 80% equivalence
  • A combination of pre-medical at intermediate level
  • MDCAT exam
  • Entry tests of the universities

It may look like a small list but it is years of hard work and dedication. You can only study medicine if you have always been sharp in your studies.

On the other hand, getting into engineering college may not be equally tough but it isn’t easy, either. A lot of students give up their dream of becoming an engineer or doctor every year just because of the tough admission processes and standards. Below is a list of things you are going to need if you want to take admission to an engineering college in Pakistan.

  • 80% marks at intermediate level
  • 80% equivalence of A-level grades
  • ECAT exam
  • Entry tests of the universities
  • A combination of pre-engineering subjects

Well, now you know the basic requirements and the differences. Hopefully, this article will help you choose the right path for you!

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