Med Rep Meeting Launches Platform That Implements Structure and Efficiency into the Days of Medical Representatives

Peter Skidmore, the founder of Med Rep Meeting (Med Rep) and its all-inclusive scheduling software, asks you to imagine being the CEO of a medical sales company, where you have no real idea of what your medical representatives do all day long. True, when they leave to go to appointments in the morning, they have a list of physicians to see, and at the end of the day, you will receive a report of who they met with and the result. 

However, you know that people are, well, people, so there is always that nagging doubt: did Robert really see Dr. Simms? You can’t be sure. To make it trickier, are the routes between meetings optimized? Is every physician, and thus a potential sale, being seen? Worse, a doctor might be rejected for financing after your med rep spent hours talking to them, or they might need to provide more paperwork, resulting in wasted time and money.

“It is obviously not a perfect business model, yet it is what the medical rep industry has been forced to work with for years now, including when I was in it,” says Skidmore. “To find solutions, I first analyzed every pain point that med reps encounter on the job. Using my own experiences and the feedback of my peers, I then determined what would solve each one. I combined all of this into the technology that is the heart of Med Rep Meeting, and it has completely changed the game for medical representatives, their leadership, and even physicians. No one else in the industry has Med Rep’s capabilities.”

Skidmore emphasizes that Med Rep Meeting’s software is about preparation and the elimination of the unknown. “Let’s look at the day of a medical representative who uses Med Rep,” he says. “In the morning, they sit down at their desk with their coffee, log into Med Rep Meeting’s platform, and look at their daily calendar. They can see immediately who they have to visit that day and the times. The medical rep notes some gaps, so they start making calls. Each time they make an appointment, that goes into their calendar.”

Crucially, Skidmore says, each appointment shows up on a map, so the medical representative can see the location of meetings as well as any potential for additional stops along the way. 

“There’s also a search box where the med rep can type in ‘derm’ or ‘cardiovascular’, and they can learn about other physicians en route to their original meeting,” Skidmore explains. “It gives them the ability to optimize that driving time.”

It is not, however, time to start driving just yet. With Med Rep Meeting’s software, medical reps can prequalify physicians for up to $350K of medical aesthetic devices or learn the reasons for disqualification before a meeting. 

“Why does this matter? In the past, med reps spent 3-6 hours discussing a medical device with a physician, making the sale – only to learn that the physician wasn’t qualified for financing. Or, they might need to provide their bank statements or tax returns first,” says Skidmore. “It was a big drain of time, energy, and money. That’s why Med Rep Meeting is so revolutionary for the industry: we are helping med reps know before they walk out the door what to expect in their meetings with physicians.”

He adds that leadership benefits also. Remember that uncertainty about whether a med rep actually attended a meeting? That’s gone now, too. Med Rep’s SaaS software tracks all meetings, including those attended, and the only way for a sales rep to “check the box” is to be within 150 feet of the meeting’s address. 

“Med Rep Meeting is completely changing the industry, including how leadership and medical representatives get their workdays humming,” Skidmore says. “They will be organized and efficient now that they have their most important asset back – time.”