Mecatos Waterford Lakes

Who is Mecatos Cafe?

Mecatos Cafe brings the wonderful home flavors of Columbia to your local and your homes with its delivery services. They make classic Columbian food accessible for those who stay at their home comfort. If you have yet to try Columbian food, Mecatos is your best introduction! Here, you’ll be treated to both the traditional and modern fusion versions of the Columbian dishes you’ll be craving over and over once you try them. And also it is the best desserts place near Waterford Lakes.

Mecatos has four locations offering exceptional services, but many more locations are coming.

Mecatos’ History

Mecatos Bakery & Cafe was founded in 2015 by Edwin Lurduy, the company’s CEO. On April 2nd of the following year, the very first cafe opened for business. The idea of bringing cultural diversity and introducing people to Columbian food inspired the creation of Mecatos Cafe. Since it immediately drew a large client base to this innovative idea, Mecatos experienced rapid expansion and the opening of four leading locations, including Waterford Lakes.

As America is a melting pot of all nations, Mecatos has made it its mission to bring the comforts of Columbian dished and pastries to those who want to try their dishes. Adventurous foodies are treated to an all-day selection of breakfast, lunch, and quick snacks. With the number of other Latin American restaurants in the USA, Mecatos will compete against big names with their delectable offerings. They have it for you, whether you’re craving something savory and heavy or sweet and light.

Mecatos in Waterford Lakes

Situated in sunny Florida, Waterford Lakes was initially planned for over three decades under a different name and has sold out residences. Over the years, more residential areas may have sprung, but Waterford Lake has not lost popularity. Instead, it was able to stand the test of time and compete against new establishments. Waterford Lakes is not a city, but due to its size and the development of the area around it, it appears to be edging ever closer to becoming one. A growing area that includes several home complexes and includes Waterford Lakes.

Waterford Lakes Town Center draws customers from close and far, a large, open-air commercial complex with various stores and restaurants amidst sceneries, fountains, and waterways. Locals around the area consider this a landmark and a prominent meeting place to meet with friends and family. Many tourists who come to Florida have gone through Waterford Lakes and had a pleasant experience. The environment is welcoming and is sure to capture the hearts and attention of those who come to stay or visit.

Mecatos Cafe has selected Waterford Lakes because of the beautiful scenery and comforts of a modern and traditional lifestyle. Mecatos Waterford Lakes is magnificent. They offer a wide range of indoor seating options, complete specialty drink menus, and proximity to plugs and natural sunlight. All these factors make Mecatos the perfect hangout for remote working or study groups. They have made an effort to ensure that it is an inclusive place for those who want to dine, work, or study.

Mecatos Menu and Specialties

Mecatos Cafe serves the best food menu including delicious croissants, empanadas, pastries, and Colombian-brewed coffee for a fantastic morning. This is the place to go if you want to eat excellent, authentic, hearty food. They provide combo meals to make choosing more accessible for you and provide the best combination of dishes and drinks that go well together. They make and serve more than fifty different kinds of bread and pastries. Their cakes are amazingly decorated and inarguably one of the best cakes you’ll ever try! Best of all is that everything is homemade and fresh!

They also have savory dishes like Carne Asada, Arepas, Empanadas, Hotdogs, Sandwiches, and more! Whether it’s a small meal or a lavish lunch, they have it for you. Look at their fantastic menu filled with traditional and modern takes on Columbian dishes.

Their costs are fair, and some would even say it’s cheap for the excellent quality of the food. Their serving sizes are excellent, and you’ll get outstanding value for the amount you pay for. Every visit to Mecatos will leave you happy and satisfied.

Their Waterford Lakes location is warm, and the design offers a pleasing blend of Central American and Caribbean highland themes. Mecatos Cafe provides a sense of warmth from home and exoticness that will excite everyone that goes through their doors. The inviting environment will make you feel at home and relaxed as you enjoy their fantastic dishes.

In Macatos, you’ll be treated to a comprehensive menu of authentic Columbian breakfast, lunch, and snack foods sure to excite your tastebuds!

How to Find Us

Mecatos Cafe is located in Waterford Lakes Village, a shopping mall known for its wide selection of shops and places to dine in. Mecatos has chosen this location to bring Columbian delicacies to those having a quick stroll at the mall or a leisure day out. Their location is perfect as they can stand out as one of the area’s most authentic Latin American restaurants.

To find Mecatos, go to Waterford Lakes Town Center. On the first floor at 103, you’ll find and be welcomed by the excellent staff, who serve you only the best Columbian meals they have to offer. They’re also available for delivery in all significant delivery apps on your mobile.

So what are you waiting for? Go to Waterford Lakes Town Center or order using your app now.

People Love Mecatos Waterford Lakes; Ask Our Customers!

With great reviews and a nearly perfect score from TripAdvisor, Yelp, Google Reviews, and Facebook, it is undeniable that Mecatos upholds and prides itself on the quality of its products and services. This fantastic cafe has received high praise for its customer service and the quality of meals they serve every customer. Their dedicated crews are always ready to serve and make your dining experience in Mecatos unforgettable.

It is Mecatos’ advocacy to provide a homely, inclusive, and welcoming atmosphere to those who come to discover unique Columbian flavors from their cafe.

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