I’m sure we can all agree that friends are priceless in life. We laugh and cry with them, experience crazy things, accompany us through the years, get older together, comfort and support each other – and stand by ourselves even in the most difficult hours. Friends honestly reflect on yourself; they give you courage and give you strength and confidence. You can have the most fun with friends, “go through thick and thin” or “steel horses.” In addition to family and partnerships, friends are the most important caregivers in our lives – do you need more reasons to show them our special affection and gratitude?

Yellow Rose Flowers

Flowers are a symbol of life and the natural cycle of things. Even when we think of friendship day, it is about life and the natural, authentic relationship. We speak of trust, a unique sympathy and affection – it is a distinctive form of love, very different from that towards the family and the partner. A friendship begins with a seed, then it begins to grow, followed by ever stronger roots and an ever more magnificent flower. Friends celebrate the prime of our lives with us; they give us water and nutrients when we are too weak, they remind us of our roots when we are about to forget them.

Have you ever considered giving your best friends a friendship day flower? It’s a distinctive mark. We want to give you some fantastic pointers and tips on doing this. So come with us – on our journey to one of the strongest plants in our life – friendship!

Flowers for friendship

While flowers are the perfection of nature – friendship or flowers for friendship is the perfection of love. There is no compromise, just pure beauty and affection—an incomparable trust on the expected path through life and the natural cycle. Give your friends a natural gesture of appreciation and gratitude for your friendship – give them a loving flower. The radiance on your faces will be the confirmation of your special connection.

On what occasion could you give your best friends a beautiful flower? There are so many – and actually, there is no need for a reason! The “Best Friend Day” is a perfect opportunity.


We all know them, the classic flowers that just always say precisely the right thing. You can also choose from them on best friend day, for example, a yellow rose, a bright tulip, or a robust and lively sunflower. Here are a few extraordinary highlights:

A characteristic of friendship is long-standing and blind trust – even in the distance and after many years. Which flower could stand for this better than the forget-me-not? It is the flower of memory and best for friendship day. If you give them a way to your friend on best friend day, you express the most vital sign of togetherness for them. You promise them that you will continue to go through thick and thin together and that you will never forget each other.

The beautiful, simple, radiant gerbera is the classic flower for friendship, sincerity, appreciation, and joy. Aren’t these attributes that suit your best friend or your best friend? The gerberas come in many lively colors; they are as colorful as life. Give these so essential people in your life a bouquet of different colored gerberas – and tell them that your friendship will survive all punch lines and challenges, that you will swing the brush together in the motley picture of life.

Sunflower with stem

With the Alstroemeria – better known as the Inca lily – we would like to introduce you to an extraordinary flower. She is an indescribable beauty, which is reason enough to give it to your best friends. But at the same time, it expresses everything that is part of a true friendship in a very natural way. Each of its six petals stands for an essential aspect among friends: respect, patience, understanding, humor, energy, and compassion. If you feel that the recipient has all this in them and has proven this to you repeatedly over the years, then give them an Inca lily. This gesture is one of the greatest compliments you can give a friend.

To prove to your best friend that you are always there for them, you don’t have to “go steal horses.” It’s very simple, tell them: with a fantastic bouquet, one that comes from the heart!


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