Mayweather Facts – Can a Non-Pro Kickboxer Beat the Champ?

Before we examine the Mayweather facts, let us first take a look at what makes this fight so special. Floyd Joy Mayweather is an American pro boxer and professional mixed martial arts champion. He fought between 1996 and 2007, winning a title in each of those years. He has a world heavyweight championship to his credit, as well as two other titles. He is also a member of the UFC Hall of Fame.

mayweather facts

This being a professional boxer, he needs to raise his fight earnings to satisfy the demands of his fans. He does not do this by earning pay per view numbers or DVD sales, but rather through high ticket prices and huge payouts. This is why the internet is so beneficial to the boxing fan who wants to see his favorite matches. He can purchase pay per view or rental box office tickets online, which allows him to enjoy a match with all of his friends and family members.

The big question before we looked at the mayweather facts is how much does this fighter’s net worth actually make. His current net worth is not entirely assured either. Because he is yet to have a pay per view sale, many people are skeptical of his earnings potential in the boxing industry. Though the boxing world may be small, there are still many thousands of people who watch the fights, and many of them will buy the pay per views that may be available from the boxer.

That said, his Instagram star may have some insight into how much money this boxer makes. On Instagram, boxer and singer Youngboyz has several pictures taken at ringside, as well as one where he is preparing for his boxing match with Mayweather. In these pictures he is wearing a shirt that says “My Name is Mayweather”, and he also appears to be doing some sort of pre-fight conditioning. While some have criticized Youngboyz for being self-promoting in a small venue, he has also received a lot of criticism from other boxing fans for the self-aggrandizement that he shows in these pictures. Either way, the Instagram star’s page is filled with images that portray him as a serious and talented fighter.

Mayweather Facts also shows that this boxer’s trainer is very good at what he does. There is even an Instagram post where the trainer can be seen giving some pointers to the boxer prior to a training session. Although it may be hard for Youngboyz to promote boxing in this manner, he is a professional boxer, which means he knows how to sell tickets and generate interest in the fights. As such, he does appear to be doing quite well as a boxing promoter.

With the Mayweather Facts Instagram page, it is also clear that this professional boxing promoter uses social media to keep in touch with his fans and promote his upcoming fights. He has many followers on both his own Instagram page and on the official Mayweather Facebook page. This means that he is connecting with people even outside of the United States, which is nice to see. He is clearly someone who is doing what he can to connect with his fan base, even if it is just through social media.

With regards to the diss track that Youngboyz posted on Instagram, it is clear that he may not be entirely happy with the situation. The caption read that he did not want to “step on [his label’s] toes”, although this particular line does not make much sense. Mayweather Facts reveals that Youngboyz was recently in the studio with the late Muhammad Ali, so he likely had some type of talk to do with the sale of his rights to the diss track. It is unclear what the reaction was to his comments regarding his contract with the UFC and whether or not he will receive the money that he deserves. Hopefully this will not distract him from his MMA work or turn into an ongoing debate between him and his coach, Levese.

In a recent interview with Bas Rutten, Youngboyz discussed working with Muhammad Ali, wanting to be like the champ, and even comparing fighting to boxing. He also talked about working with Flo MMA and stating that he would beat Mike Tyson, but is not going to put him in his head to beat. Hopefully, those who follow boxing and MMA will sit down with Youngboyz and decipher what exactly he means by dissing the UFC and working with MMA fighters. If he truly is a boxer that wants to fight in the octagon, then maybe we should all just enjoy the boxing matches.