Maximize revenue with the new Z-OTA platform


This is the decade of SIM OTA (over-the-air) services. Technologies such as IoT, 5G, eSIM, and other emerging technologies have been growing at an unprecedented rate. Users want to be able to solve all their problems with a tap on their smartphone. This puts Telco providers in a very interesting situation. 

To meet the ever-growing demands of users and businesses alike, Telecommunication networks need to be able to upgrade their features and services regularly without any hassle. A SIM OTA servicing platform like Z-OTA is the best solution for such problems.

Z-OTA Platform saves the cost and labor of Telco companies by over-the-air updating users’ OTA SIM Cards without having them replaced. The Platform boasts simple, easy-to-use features, clean navigation, and is super convenient to install.

Z-OTA is a quick-to-deploy and extremely economical SIM OTA platform solution. It comes with scalable options from low-volumes to large throughputs of up to 10,000 messages per second. Features of the Z-OTA Platform include Fast-track onboarding, Highly responsive technical support, One point of contact saving time & cost, and many more.

The SIM OTA Space

An over-the-air OTA platform such as Z-OTA makes over-the-air updates of SIM cards possible. There can be various reasons that compel upgrading of SIM cards after they are rolled out in the market. 

To replace the old sim cards with fresh ones, just for an update can be very expensive for Telecom companies. And when we understand SIM requires upgrading more than once in their lifetime, it becomes obvious that SIM OTA services are not just a luxury, and instead of a requirement for Telco companies. 

Conventionally, OTA platforms are used for updating parameters such as details about the network service provider, certain system contact profiles, or a few system applications. However, over the years there are other demands as well associated with OTA platforms. These include monetization, marketing, advertising of services offered by the operator. 

What is Z-OTA and how does it help SIM OTA space?

The Z-OTA platform is one of the innovative SIM OTA services for Telecommunication networks offered by Workz. It is simple, affordable, easy-to-use, and can be quickly installed. The comprehensive SIM OTA solutions offered by the Z-OTA platform include campaign management services such as campaign creation, monitoring, administration, and reporting as well as integration and support.

With the onset of features offered to users such as IoT, the number of connected devices has been ever increasing. This calls for regular overhauling and up-gradation of capabilities of users Sim Cards. Z-OTA Platforms makes it possible to upgrade and reach out to customers through their OTA Sim Card

Z-OTA Platform is not only limited to upgrading but can also be used for various purposes such as file management, installation, and enabling of various applets like mobile money, games, etc. 

You’d think that the Z-OTA platform by Workz is restricted to management, up-gradation, and other technical work but it’s not. It is also an avenue for Telco networks to make more money. 

Over the years, we have seen a dip in the Average Revenue Per User (ARPU). Marketers and Advertisers have been at their heads trying to recover this decrease. Services by Z-OTA Platform solve this problem. They enable flash SMSes on users’ OTA SIM Cards which require one to take action when it appears on the screen. Network Operators can also use this feature to advertise, market, and upsell their best services.

The payment model of the Z-OTA Platform is as simple as it gets. The SIM OTA services are offered with numerous payment models which have been tailor-fit to the needs of Telco operators. 

Suited to the requirements of big and small Network Operators alike, one can either have the Z-OTA Platform installed onsite (CAPEX model). The operators can also opt for a hosted model such as a monthly subscription or pay per campaign. 

What does the future of the Z-OTA Platform look like?

Z-OTA Platform by Workz is fast gaining momentum. It is appreciated and embraced by several leading networks. The flagship OTA servicing company has also received expressions of interest from Middle Eastern and African operators. They are working on loyalty programs with two operators in the Middle East. 

Workz is also involved with another network in updating the users’ mobile numbers due to certain regulatory requirements. Besides, they have recently implemented OTA platforms in Somalia for mobile money as well as SIM backup for non-smartphones.